Streamers are currently justifying exploit

I don’t think that technically there is a ToS anymore, but there is a Blizzard’s EULA.

Potato potato :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope they are not the same streamers that campaign to get rid of addons that would “destroy the feel of vanilla”

That would be kinda funny

(note, this is not me campaigning for any addon, just consistency)

Certainly :wink:

Hm. So you did. Okay, fine.

your “good authority” has lied to you.

Here, from blue post up top…


Do it once, realize it’s a bug and stop. Report it. You’re good to go.

Keep using it over and over, more than once, for personal gain…that’s obvious exploitation and they should be banned. Make a lesson of the streamers and their followers will be sure to see that it’s wrong and they better not do it themselves.

Let the streamers go and all those followers start to follow suit because it must be ok, cause (insert streamer name) never got punished!

Ban the accounts of those that actively exploited and cheated. Make sure their streaming when it happens so all their followers see. Make an example of them.

ToS violations reinforcement should strike ruthlessly and without distinction. I don’t know who ‘soda’ is, but I hope his account is banned.


I realize text doesn’t articulate emotion or tone but I figured the fact that I said “good authority” would indicate I was being sarcastic. Not to mention the statement’s logic is a pretty dumb one (if you ask me)

Oh well

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It’s going to be pretty clear who was abusing it when they look at the metrics. A couple of times that it happened during party invites spread out over a period of time? Just remove the extra items.

Multiple back to back? Ban, 30 days minimum.


Just couse you can do something, dosent mean its alright to do it… there is laws and regulations, in video games, there often is things like ToS, that serves as…

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Ok you talked me into it.

A 1000 times this! Make it a public display. Let their fanbois blow this forum up afterwards.
Personally I couldn’t wait for classic. Now. Depending on how blizz handles this determines whether I keep playing.
Yup. It’s fun. I love it. I will walk away if this is swept under the rug.
If they don’t remove everything obtained from this and ban players. I’m out.
People wanted blizz ran servers because of issues like this. Because blitz wouldn’t just let game breaking exploits go or the players abusing them. Would they?..ok so they won’t let 2 exploits go unpunished and allow the economy to be ruined before it even starts…would they?..


yeah i kind of figured you meant that sarcastically but that was after posting my response. Figured I’d leave it for anyone else who happened to think that way without the sarcasm :slight_smile:

sorry, my mind is kind of preoccupied right now. I probably shouldn’t even be on the forums to be honest, since I’m not really paying it much attention. I generally catch sarcasm.

well, it would get a lot of views and support from twitch staff too.

2 week vacation for a heated gamer moment and you can go right back to eating babies

Typical self-serving view of most players who exploit … Blzizard should have zero tolerance for streamers who do, and not much more tolerance for every exploiter they can identify.


Hopefully they will get banned and since classic and bfa are linked sub, it will even be better deterrent.


I literally watched this bug happen to my guild group in Mara when we swapped a new player in, and everything spawned in front of us. This was about a week and a half ago. Ive known of this bug the entire time (reported it too, but it needed more publicity before a hotfix apparently)

Wanna know what I did when I watched Princess respawn in front of my eyes? Told my group in discord “Hell nah, this is easily exploitable and the type of thing youll catch a ban for. Lets leave and reset without killing anything and pretend it never happened”. I then proceeded to tell NO ONE that it was even possible

There is no justification, anyone that has been playing this game long enough knows whats “game mechanics” and whats hardcore exploiting.

This is hardcore exploiting and idc who you are, you should get a ban and a rollback for doing it. ESPECIALLY the streamers because they made it public and pretty much encouraged everyone to do it


Thats what some folks tried to argue after they stacked exp pots last year and cranked things out at +1000% exp. Didnt work well for them.

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TBH I’d rather just Classic banned so they are more inclined just to stay on retail again.