Streamer server vs Non Streamer server in Classic?

yeah i know. Streamer server dansgame But as someone who’s a non streamer I cant device if i wanna roll on a streamer server or non streamer server.

Roll on a non streamer server.

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The other billion people on the server won’t care if a streamer is on it, or likely ever see/interact with them.


While this is true, better to avoid the streamer fan boys.

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The streamer server is full - do you really want to wait in queue for hours.

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Didnt even think about that. That’s so true. Streamer servers are probably going to have a long queue time.

They will when the Streamerfan Armies show up to pave the way for their favorite twitch celebrity and lay waste to OW content. Instanced content? You’re right, they’re relatively harmless but they are going to be like swarms of locusts - hungry locusts all shouting “Notice me, I’m bringing you things!” - who will make playing on those servers arguably less fun if you’re not one of them.


Honestly, whats with the dislike for streamers?

They’re there to play a game, and entertain people.

If you don’t like it, don’t pay any attention to it.

It’s not that people dislike the streamers, its that people dislike the endless hordes of fans that a streamer will inevitably bring with them.

Steamer servers will have day-long queue times at launch, guaranteed.

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Its not exactly their fault. Streamers can’t control an audience. Its already a bane that they must wait day-long queue times at launch.

I know a few streamers who really don’t give a :poop: about their audience. I can see why: they’re just 4head users. Looking to poke fun at people.

See the bottom of that. There were other blue threads on this full business as well.

Non-- If ya can help it.