Strange pet function

Im starting up my first Alliance garrison and I figure Hey, lets try to tame that Lunarfall Matriarch, it’s the only one here and she looks like a nice trophy. I did, and now when I hover the mouse over her its got a right click function. When I do, it ‘gathers’ as if it was a resource node. I’ve dismissed her and resummoned, still has that weird function.
Any idea what the deal is?

Does anything happen when you try to ‘gather’?
Any error messages?
Also, I hope you don’t mind if I link your thread here to Petopia, as they would be interested in figuring this out.

Oh please do. This is my first hunter and I’ve been leveling almost completely through dungeons as marksman so I have no idea what this bird’s trying to do.

I made an alt on a dead server, and went to go check this out. Lunarfall Matriarch definitely does what you mentioned. It doesn’t seem to have any function aside from just “harvesting” nothing. I don’t think you will get anything out of it, but it’s a fun little quirk of this pet.