Strange issue with efflorescence

Hey guys lemme ask if anyone is having this issue:
When I press the action key for efflorescence on my resto druid when I am not hovering my cursor on top of anyone it will give me the green circle so I can place it where I want as usual, but if I have the cursor on top of a friendly player it will instantly cast on that player as if I had mouseover macros enabled, which I don’t, I also made sure the mouseover functionality that was added in the new client is also disabled, which I know it is because no other spells are working in that way, only efflorescence.

Does anyone know what could be causing that? Any ideas on how to fix?
I tried without any addons enabled and it still happens. It wasn’t happening before the update too.

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Are you sure you’re not using a macro? I’d pull down a new copy from your spellbook and double check, that’s bit me a time or two.

I’m pretty sure, I have never used any mouseover macros or add-ons before, as a matter of fact I didn’t even know how they worked until Blizzard added the option in the client in this last patch, which I tried, didn’t like and went back to regular “click to target”.
All my spells work as before, it’s just efflorescence that’s weird. It’s also like that on another freshly leveled restoration druid in leveling to unlock heritage armor sets.

No idea then, probably some setting that’s been toggled in the new UI. Just make a macro to force it to work how you want.

I have had this same issue. I’m not using a macro for effloressence and from testing it isnt always over a character that it instant casts. i’m pretty sure it’s a bug. It will be a waste of mana in a raid so i came here to report it as a bug. its about 50/50 weither it will give me a circle to click the location for or it’ll instant cast.

Yea its a bug

You have to turn off Hold while casting in the interface to get it to work right.


I’m gonna give it a try =o

If you guys have found a way to cast a ground-based AoE on a mouseover target, please share it with the crowd. This is one of the most-request macro features that Blizzard continually refuses to add to the game.

IE: Blizzard specifically DISABLES the ability to cast ground aoe (such as efflorescence) on Mouseover or Target, and only allows it with the reticule (which is awful as far as efficiency is concerned), @cursor (which is fine but still requires aiming) and @player (which is efficient but obviously not always relevant).

Being able to cast ground-based AoE centered on a target would single-handedly fix ele sham aoe, as an example, because of how garbage tier the gameplay of repeatedly spamming gbaoe earthquakes is :frowning:

Turns out you are right, disabling hold to cast actually fixed it.
I would never have guessed. It’s just a shame because hold to cast is actually quite useful in itself, but I would rather not waste mana and cds because of it.

Thanks a lot!

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That would be nice if it would work without you having to click twice!