Story Writers did Good Job on Vyranoth

Vyranoth is the first new Warcraft character I’ve liked in over a decade.

Her direction and dialogue in the final half of the “misfits” storyline, was so good, if I actually wrote how I felt about it, the system would probably auto-delete my thread.

Please don’t kill off, bench, or castrate this character. She does not need any character evolution, she is just … a complete badass.


I 100% agree. And the novel makes her character that much better in my opinion. She’s an all around awesome character. WoW needs more characters like her in my opinion


I feel like she needed much more development and screen-time in-game than she got. Feels like we skipped a patch where she would reflect on the plans of Iridikron and Fyrrak, turn against them, and then seek out Alexstraza.


Agreed. It feels jarring that she goes from, “I will never forgive you [Alexstrasza] and we are still enemies” to “We have to stop Fyrakk because reasons” and finally, “I forgive you” in the span of one patch cycle. 10.1.5, 10.1.7 and 10.2.


I agree. She could have used a few moments where she either disagrees or doubts whether they are all after the same goals along the way. We see one disagreement between her and Fyrakk, and then she is on our team.

People were sort of seeing her eventually defecting from the start, even with the rushed presentation. Maybe any more hints at that eventuality would have been too blatant.

I am OK with how her defection went. More would have been better. But it’s nice to have a different vibe among the friendly dragons. I like her stoic attitude.


Why did people see her as defecting so early?

I hate her very obvious and lazy asset flip of the winter queen model, but I guess that’s not really a fault with her as a character.

I think it’s fun that Fyrakk is framed as sort of a meat-head, and Vyranoth as the cold calculating intellectual. But Fyrakk figured out that Iridikron had abandoned them way before she did.


shes a traitor

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I quite enjoy her too. Most her important development happened in the book unfortunately. Her actions make a lot more sense if you read it, which should not be something players are expected to do. Even a few suspicious glances at the other two would of done wonders.

TLDR; She was never really entirely on Iridikron’s team to begin with—she always thought him suspicious—extraneous factors pushed her into finally allying with him as the final incarnate. She stayed neutral as long as she possibly could. She was always exceedingly principled, and was after the Cause. But she was not the sort who saw the ends justifying the means like Iridikron. With that in mind it makes sense she would draw a line at what Fyraak tried to pull.

Ironically, as Azeroth blessed them and not the Titans… she actually got what she wanted. The Ordered Dragons are no longer in the service to the Pantheon.


Looking like the Winter Queen was my reason. She had such an obvious good guy design.


Then there’s the intelligence, the independence, the will … the wrath.

There’s no tug between a subconscious and a consciousness, there is only Vyranoth.

How much of this character is in the latest book?

I couldn’t tell you. I wasn’t one of them. I just remember it seemed like the moment Vyranoth was seen by the Playerbase, people were like: “She’s gonna be the good one that helps us before the end.”

Maybe it was because she was not as “rawr storm! and burn!” as Razageth and Fyrakk?

Again, I didn’t ponder it much. I figured she would be a cool villain if she stayed a villain. But it seemed like everyone else saw something in her that telegraphed a heel-turn almost immediately as she was introduced.

Maybe if they did any more foreshadowing of her eventual turn, it would have been a bit too much? Since almost everyone seemed to have seen it coming already.

She plays a very big role in the book.


Like Solarion said I feel like there wasn’t near enough exploration of her thought process before her face turn.

Way too much. I like her, but the only reason I do is because I read the book. In the game alone she doesn’t have near enough characterization. There’s no reason so much of her backstory shouldn’t have been in-game.


This is sadly why I don’t really pay super close attention to the story til near the end of the expac for a couple now. Way too much is being put in to the books, and I feel like a lot of story in game is unrelated sidequests, when the main story could be fleshed out so much more.

Don’t get me wrong, I love busy work quests, they grow and shape the world. And I love books, but I don’t want to have to get 80% of my story from outside sources, only getting the main hitting points in-game.


Whatever happened in the novel not withstanding, her moment of turning is the cut scene where Fyrakk points out that not only has Iridikron abandoned them both, but hopping Fyrakk on shadow-flame then leaving him to cause mayhem seems to have been to plan.

It makes me wonder what exactly Iridikron told her, because that definitely seemed to be the plan when they directed Fyrakk to crack into Zalerak Cavern.

I still wish we had a scene or two with Raz and the other three incarnates. I think the scenes they share have a very interesting dynamic and I’d like to see where the yougest and most zealous of them would fit in with the group. Blizzard should get some credit for having deceltly developed personalities for these characters with such severely limited screen time.


Raszageth is a freaking psycho in the book X.x;; It’s a bit amusing that Fyrakk was so mad when Iridikron helped her become an Incarnate >_>

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The voice actress for Razagath did an amazing job capturing the chaotic nature of the character. Raz was so chaotic in the book that she often made fyrakk look sane :blush:


Most likely. And as for Iridikron, it was the stuff we learned about him early into the expansion from Alexstrasza.

So when we saw Fyrakk call out for blood in the 10.0.7 trailer, it was obvious that he was a hot head. Only Vyranoth was the one we knew nothing about for the most part. She was as calm and level headed as Iridikron but without the baggage that was, “he made a bargain with an evil force behind his allies back”.

From the murmurings I heard that While Fyrak was kind of a hothead, Razageth was very much on the Colder and calmer end of things.

Is that more or less an accurate summation?