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You say that, but now you are trying to find that discussion and we both know it.

I will admit it is a very slight exaggeration.

Not so the rest. April has been a very strange month for my posting here. And it is only day 4.

Nope, not asking. Just watching Mark get thrown into space over and over again.

So a few days ago, I mentioned a rant. A Zovaal rant, about his five predictions. This sounds very vague, and that is because I did not want anyone to steal my rant.

I said I needed a special concoction of anger, exhaustion, humor and coffee for it.

I think when I get home, today shall be that day.

You… Are not prepared!!

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There are many miracles that can be made with a magic wand

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So Daniel was never made chief of the Zoroastrian Magi?

I did it, my rant is up and half my besties (or more) are asleep and cannot read it if I suddenly delete it out of embarrassment.


With how the Castlevania-like Game named Blasphemous has Summa Blasphemia(Total Blasphemy) declared for killing the Final Boss imagine if Blasphemous 2 has Ineffabilis Infiniti Aeterna Summa Supremus Blasphemia(Unspeakable Infinite Eternal Total Supreme Blasphemy) declared for beating it’s Final Boss!

Furthermore: Imagine if Count Dracula from Castlevania went on a rampage against the Church of the Grievous Miracle while someone else was fighting said Church of the Miracle.

Dracula embodies Gothic Horror Monsters opposing the Church while the Miracle embodies the Church including the Spanish Inquisition(it’s 3rd in command looks like an Inquisitor) and the Pope(whom it’s second in command resembles).

Question: who defines what is or is not a miracle? Arcane and Divine spells are basically the same thing with the only difference being the source. One person’s witchcraft is another’s miracle.

If you wish to condemn one demonstration of magic, you must condemn them all if the only difference was the source. To do otherwise would the height of hypocrisy.

Are you a Republican?

I was just pointing out the irony that you like fantasy with magic in it but you think astrology is evil paganism.

Are you Evangelical? Or Jehovah’s Witness?

If you think magic, astrology don’t go hand in hand with religion… the three wise men followed a star to find baby Jesus and they brough him incense.

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Since mankind has been on this planet, we been looking to the stars for answers. Why suddenly people are acting like it’s evil is, well confusing really. :wolf:


Indoctrination mostly, and fear of women.

You have no idea how many times I’ve experienced religious or alt right leaning men tell me that astrology is a “women’s thing” in relation to witchcraft and I’m still really wierded out by Yven’s “burn the witch” comment.

Women still experience religious based violence. Joking about it is not funny. That’s what I’m hoping to get across to him.


The whole burn/kill the pagan ponies thing is what weirds me out. Suggesting to kill young women, fictional or not based on someone having a different religion is creepy and needs to die out :wolf:

I just brought up MLP as paganism because Yven likes ro talk a lot about fantasy and magic unless it’s astrology then he’s like ,“burn the witch!”

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The Abrahamic religions seem to have a really deep seeded hatred for women in general and I find it really bizarre. I know it’s always been a thing amongst men with power…but still the middle eastern religions make the old ways look tame :wolf:

I don’t think modern radical Islam should colour opinions on the Islamic faith or even ancient Persian monotheism.

That’s part of my reply to Yven. There’s so much misinformation relating to middle eastern culture and faith. Did you know that ISIS and the Taliban is responsible for destroying a lot of ancient Persian and Babylonian artifacts historical sites?

They are destroying history of Islamic/Babylonian Mysteries.

American Evangelicalism can be compaired to modern Islamic extereemism.

It’s why I’m so critical of American “Christians” and casual Islamophobia in these forums is a real source of misinformation.


Yeah. They considered them blasphemous or some such. There’s a lot of misinformation concerning the older religions because a lot of their teachings were passed down by word of mouth and there’s a lot that’s been lost. Early Christian monks did a lot of work to write down the old teachings in the areas they lived in. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have half the knowledge we do now :wolf:

American Evangelists aren’t destroying historical sites

No they are the ones that pay the crazies to steal historical artifacts and then hide them when the muslims finished killing and arresting the crazies want them back.

If you don’t think Gaia and psudeoscience creationism conspiracy theories isn’t hurting historical accuracy then you haven’t been paying attention.

American Evangelicalism and Mormonism literally believe an American settler is the son of God and told him to create a religion centered around money and polygamy, that’s what the LDS church is. It’s explotitive Christanity, or “Christanity for profit.” They have a lot of influence over Republican politics.

Maybe LDS “prophets” don’t look like jihadists to fellow Americans, but they have the same motives, values and goals. What the alt-right want is similar to Sharia Law.


None of what you said in this post is about destroying historical sites. I’m pretty sure not all Mormons are alt-right.