Story Forum Community Lounge (Part 1)

There’s a official council that blizz handpicked people for. The intention was for these people to represent the community at large and try to get certain story/game mechanics people want in the game.

So far, some of the people they selected ended up either being racist, sexist or homophobic or some combination of all three……It went about as well as you would expect after those revelations came out.


From what pool of players?

They just hand selected some randos to dictate what the story should be?

Why TF wouldn’t they use the forums and just gauge what seems to be getting the most positive/negative feedback?

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Because reading the forums and suggestions from people passionate about their game, aka us….would mean blizz would have to put some actual effort into it. Most of the people they handpicked were blizzard fanboys anyway….and racist,sexist,etc.

So yeah, the council is kind of a joke to the majority of the community now from what I gather.


So they looked for Yes Men and were surprised to learn the ones who were thumbs up about the storylines written by literal hands on misogynists were a touch problematic?

There is such a thing as toxic positivity.


Pretty much yeah. Truthfully? I’m not even sure if the whole council is still a thing to be honest. Last I heard, they still hadn’t picked anyone for the story portion of the council and that was months ago.

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People had to apply. The goal was to select people from a broad variety of play styles from a wide variety of communities. So RP folks, pet battlers, PvP, solo casual, transmog, AH, Accessibility concerns/deaf/blind, etc. They represent themselves, given they are not elected reps.

You can learn about the program here

In December they went through apps and selected the first 30 or so. There was some drama when one decided to make himself the representative of the council (despite the other members saying it was a bad idea), open a Discord called the “seat of the council”, have it be unmoderated and make racist comments, etc. Also kind of spammy - then went on a streamer’s show and doubled down. Not on the council anymore.

The rest of the drama is focused on one person and I won’t get into it because I don’t do Discords and don’t know the details.

If you want to know about the 60 or so people on it you can head over to the Council forum. All discussions with the Devs of Blizz have to be there for full transparency.

Start with the Intro thread and you can see a wide variety of player types. Maybe someone will be similar to you interest wise.

The goal is to have around 100 people active and to keep rotating them as needed and/or every year.

And no, they don’t want just “yes men”.


Weren’t you involved in some drama here a while back? For saying some sketchy stuff?

Me? No. I have been a Tech/CS MVP, Diablo MVP, and WoW MVP since 2013 under this same posting name. I only post on the forums.

I don’t have any Discords, public social media, reddit, etc. Nothing. I have not been involved in any drama. There are people who try to pick fights and get under the skin of MVPs and CC folks to see if they can bait them into saying something rash, but that is just standard forum nonsense.

You are probably confusing me with someone else. I would be one of the greens you have seen for almost 10 years now. If I was into bad things it would have come out by now. I am old, retired, and pretty boring.


Probably. But keep up the good work that you’re doing :smiley:

Anyway I actually came here to say that Obi Wan show is FIRE so far.

Star Wars and WoW are pretty similar in that they do something so stupid that I’ll throw up my hands and say I’m done.

But then they’ll come around and release something genuinely awesome and just when I think I’m out they pull me back in.

Others explained it, but Blizzard made this Council of Posters, and they have their own Forum section, and special colored letters. Blizzard said it was so they could get feedback from an engaged focus group, and so they could “spark discussion” among the community.

I think since they are given a place of note above us plebians, and are the focus of how Blizzard is going to sift through Player Feedback, it is fair to know about their Twitter and Discord posts, especially if they espouse vile stuff.

If there are people on the Council making earnest and polite discussions about why Humans should only be white in Warcraft… and then someone shares racists posts they made… it informs us as to why they are so against Humans of color in their fantasy world.

Or if they complain about there being too many Female characters, and we find out they are the vice president of “NO MA’AM”, - it informs us of the ideas Blizzard chose to place in their brain trust.

Some regular forum posters (among them, Doness) got in trouble because they shared Twitter and Discord posts of Council members. People were angry, and the Council got a lot of bad attention. Personally, I think the spotlight is a double edged sword - you get more attention but also more scrutiny.

I am glad to know about these people who act like their racist and sexist views are only contained to WoW… but when you scratch the surface, it permeates every fiber of their being.

Well, Blizzard. Your precious council certainly sparked discussion.

Nah it was another Council member. That one was a Void Elf, and seen often in GD. That Poster was a source of a lot of the drama across GD and the Story Forum.

But after Blizzard punished people for exposing the vile views espoused by its council… I dont want to get this thread shut down by speaking too much more about it.

On the other hand, Mirasol is pretty helpful or at least benign. Never seen them in drama. Usually Informative. A good example for the council.


Gee. It’s almost like people who make these arguments always have concerning ulterior motives.

Azeroth is what it is. I think it is immensely more interesting when you present a world that has actually distinct human cultures and ethnicities. And explore how sexism or queerphobia operates in it.

I’ll never forget that gut punch of a moment in the Witcher series. You interact with this man living on the outskirts of town (a nearly suicidal move in this setting) who’s not only called a monster but seems to believe himself to be one. You of course figure he’s a werewolf or something. No, he’s just a gay man. It’s a reminder that this sort of society is awful, and the monstrous species with rows of razor teeth that skitter in the dark might be the better ones. You don’t see them casting their own out to the wolves for an arbitrary difference.

Likewise ESO really focused on the stressful alliance between the Redguards and Bretons. Think 1,001 Nights and King Arthur with matching ethnicities. There’s a young royal couple between the two cultures and an enemy assassinates the Bride as her father turns up with a military accompaniment. Drama ensues and I was shocked, in a good way, how they really went there with the aggrieved parties getting petty and insulting their differing appearances, skin color included. Like it got to kiss my black and suck my lilly white levels. Not for shock value either it just made sense in the context of the story.

A truly good fantasy story can hold up a mirror to our own absurdity. Because you’ll catch yourself going “How in God’s name could you be worried about such trivial differences when there’s such a huge existential threat - Ohhhh. Right”.

And WoW just isnt that. Never was designed to be. Never will be. Never should be imho. People pretending it ought to just don’t have honest intent in my experience.


Huh I remember people talking about how uninspired Netherlight Temple was.

But I genuinely find it very peaceful and the sheer variety of Priests running around is fascinating.

I think my least favorite is the Warlock’s. At least in comparison to the Demon Hunter’s who straight up hijack a satanic spaceship.

My favorite by far though is the Uncrowned. Straight up Rogue Illuminati. Everyone is there. Everyone. RAS, SI:7. It’s all connected.

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I created a worgen rogue recently just to play the rogue Order Hall quests. I love the intrigue that the rogues get.

Another great Order Hall questchain is mage! I suggest you play it if you havent.

The Warlock one I felt was confusing. There’s a part that hints to the stautes of “the Watchers” all around the Blasted Lands and Blackrock. Those stautes of the hooded humanoid. But we still have no idea who this person (or persons) are… Medivh maybe? I dunno.

Legion had a LOT of interesting plot threads. It seemed like Afrasabi was planning simething BIG but after he was removed the people writting Shadowlands had no idea what to do with all these threads.

Paladin is boring but it goes hand in hand with the Priest Order Hall, filling in gaps in the story.

Mage>Priest>Paladin>Death Knight> Rogue stories all seem enmeshed.

Night Elf paladins were hinted in the Paladin Order hall, by the initiation of Delas Moonfang. That might be seen in Dragonflight. Delas may become the new leader of the Night Elf paladins and I think that would be some cool payoff to explain this race class combo.


This is something I really want an answer for. They’re so iconic to Warcraft yet we don’t have an explanation for it. I’m assuming they represent dreadlords. They probably had them made to represent themselves symbolically as a way to mock those who made it. Have it be a gesture of them watching in plain sight and manipulating without them knowing.

Mage is another one I still need to get to. I should also give Hunter a retread.

I never unlocked flying in Legion because the game is really terrible at explaining how to. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize people werent referring to the offbrand D&D tabletop game when mentioning Pathfinder.

Consequently I’ve barely revisited Legion content. I really do think they should just auto unlock flying in an expansion zone when the prepatch for the next one drops.

It’s just bad design to suddenly take away flying while a players leveling. And while I do think Pathfinder is a much better solution than just ponying up a ish ton of gold, because especially if you’re brand new that’s practically forcing you to drop $20 on a token, it shouldn’t apply to outdated content.

I think flying in old zones should be unlocked when they are no longer current content. I never got pathfinder for Warlords of Draenor and I think it’s dumb I can’t fly there if I try to go there and do anything.


You can now thankfully. That’s the only reason I intend to revisit it on a Paladin I’ve parked at the Garrison.

I did a bit of it on my Shaman post leveling revamp but as he was already like level 80 I didn’t get all that far.

The leveling system still isn’t perfect. I got my Priest to 40 from just the Jade Forest. Which is a shame because I want that loremaster achievement title and I wanted to get it by actually experiencing the story as intended. But it seems like I’m going to have to just power through them on a max level.

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Anyone else having a Obi-Wan Kenobi + Stranger Things binge weekend?

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I loooove the new obi wan show :smile: :wolf: