Stormwind Union's Raid Team

A raid team for all guilds and individuals!

Hi there, Stormwind Union will be hosting a normal and heroic raid for Ny’alotha, the Waking City. We are looking for a few more awesome folks to join us and round out our roster.

Difficulty: Normal/Heroic (Trying Mythic if numbers permit)

Schedule: Sunday - 6:30pm - 8:30PM

Optional Night: TBD

Who we are: RPers and non-RPers banding together, both inside and outside of the RP guild Stormwind Union. We are a group of raiders from all backgrounds getting together to down some bosses of all difficulties, get sweet loot, and have a great time raiding. The purpose of the raid is to balance making progress and having fun!

What we are looking for:
We are looking for folks of all skill levels and classes who are willing to learn mechanics and how to get the most out of their classes. Most importantly, we want people who want to have fun raiding and can be focused, kind, respectful, and helpful!

Currently, our biggest needs are healers and some awesome DPS. We are hoping to run a cross realm roster of at least 15-20 people, the more the merrier.

Min. Requirements:
Minimum Item Level: 430ilvl
Minimum Heart Level: 60 (will make exceptions)
If you do not meet these requirements please reach out and we’ll see what we can do to get you there or close enough before raid starts.

Interested? Sign up here : or post a message here on the forum and we’ll reach out as soon as possible.


Hey there!
Coach here, we are still looking for a few more folks to round out the roster. Come join us for a fun time. We will be running Heroic EP on the 19th to welcome everyone back. Hope to see you there!

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Or if you ever want to hear a demon talk, apparently you can get that excitement too.

We’re still recruiting people for our raid team! Use the link in the first post or post here in the thread if you’re interested. We mostly need dps at this point.

I also want to note that this is not a hard-core raid. We’re trying to balance being inclusive while still making progress taking on harder content. So it’s progressive, but slower than a standard progression raid. We’ll take anyone with the minimum item level and we don’t bench people, but in return there’s more emphasis on personal responsibility. We ask that for the good of the team, you commit to being serious about improving your gear and learning the mechanics.

So far we’ve cleared normal and killed several bosses on heroic. Currently we’re using Friday nights to practice the more mechanically challenging bosses on normal and then doing heroic on Sundays.

If this sounds like the raid style for you, and you want to spend a few hours each week with some fun people with a good raiding attitude, join us!