Stormwind Union 10th Anniversary Event

((Hello everyone!

It’s hard to believe, but this coming Saturday, September 12th, will be the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Stormwind Union. It’s been quite an amazing ten years, filled with memorable RP with the great members of the community here. I want to thank everyone within the guild and without for all those memories, and I look forward to another ten years with you all (on the off chance WoW lasts that long, lol).

Originally we were going to celebrate with an in-person meetup at Blizzcon.


Since that’s not happening, instead we’re going with an in-game event. So at 6pm new server time, we’ll have a social at the Watch office, combined with giveaways of pets and any other cool items we might have, and then concluding with another ever-popular Dazzling Rod tournament! The event will be held at the Watch office, and the tournament will be in the Cathedral District for a change. The new arena and some new objectives will spice things up a bit.

We look forward to seeing our old friends, and maybe some new ones too. :slight_smile:


Huzzah! Congratulations! Stonefield and Maclure will be ten next year, and we’re still planning on some kind of in-person meet up at Blizzcon, assuming the world isn’t turned upside down. Maybe ya’ll will be able to do the same thing? :slight_smile:

Another Dazzling rod event? I better get to practising! I love the idea, Orwyn! I plan on bringing both Wardley and Kyla to the event, at different times of course.

This Saturday! :smiley:

That was originally our plan! …Then COVID happened

Thanks to everyone who attended the event, and to the RP community as a whole for ten fantastic years!

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It was fun and exciting, Thanks Orwyn for being such a fantastic GM.