Storm's Fury World Quest

So I’m curious how Bliz expects this instanced quest to be completed when they limit players to Party Mode? Was just in one with a group of 5 others and maybe 2 randoms. Keep in mind this is pretty much the norm for this place, its been about a week since I seen a group larger than 7.

Taking the camps is simple enough. But then the constant, and I do me CONSTANT barrage of elite enemies in groups of 3 spawning every…15 sec. Is a bit Fing much don’t you think? This should be something the Devs catch as new content is released into the game. And while I realize it’s “optional” content, making it one of the weekly with great rep rewards does tend to put it in the “necessary” field.

Either get rid of the NPC’s all together after a camp is taken, or reduce the frequency at which they spawn to try and retake the camp. This kinda stuff doesn’t look good on a game that’s trying to recoup its image among players.

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It really is a bad quest currently. The time it takes to close a rift is forever and literally 1 sec to reopen it for the NPC’s.

The quest is dated and needs to be sped up by a lot so players do not waist their time on this.

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