[Stormrage]441 RSham, 4/9M LF Raiding Guild

S1 Experience: 3049 IO, 5/8M
Currently 2821 IO, 9/9hc, 4/9m. Looking for a semi-hardcore guild that’s trying to get CE this season.
Enjoy running mythics, banter, and good vibes. Looking for a more selective group, but nothing too fast.
Preferred raid days are M,T,W,TH,SU after 8PM EST
Disc: Shampain#6482 BNET: Skididdelz#1812

Hi there, if you are still looking I’ll drop our link below. We are in need of a couple healers and some rdps!

I know you posted this a week ago. In case you are still looking for a guild, here we are.
ShakeNBake - US-Tichondrius is a new, kind midcore new HC/Mythic raiding group and we are looking for good people and good players to help us finish clearing HC and start clearing mythic.
We are Tues/Thursday 10pm EST. We also raid over the weekend sometimes and the rest of the time we are M+.

We are 7/9 HC rn and hoping to get AOTC tonight

Blacknight#8915 on discord

bump, still looking for a stormrage guild preferably