[Stormrage] Mythic Guild LF more raiders for 10.1!


I am the Co-GM of an Alliance guild on Stormrage called Vitality. We are a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild looking to add more raiders to our roster for the upcoming patch.

Our Mythic Prog team raids Tues/Wed 9:30-12 EST.
Our Alt/Optional Heroic team raids Sun 9:30-12 EST.

Our team is a very laid back group of like-minded raiders that want to achieve the same goal – to get down bosses. We are not demanding for our raiders to play the top specs, but look for raiders who enjoy playing what they prefer while performing well.

Expectations for our raiders include:

  • Great communication
  • No inflated egos or poor sportsmanship – you will be immediately kicked
  • Come prepared and on time
  • Be knowledgeable of fights & mechanics
  • Mature & Respectful
  • Drama free

We are not a super hardcore prog group and we will never try to be! We do not advertise as CE, but will certainly push as far as we can. You can be assured that we will never extend raid times or add on any extra required raid days.

What we are looking for:

  • Healers
  • Ranged DPS

Will happily consider other classes if it’s the right fit :slight_smile:

Progression Loot System:
We use a soft reserve loot system in our Mythic Progression Raids. How this works is every week our raiders submit 2 pieces of gear they would like to put on soft reserve to our officers. This can be anything from trinkets, tier, weapons, etc. If the piece of gear drops, only the players who have that item for reserve can roll on the piece. If nobody has a drop on reserve, then it’s open roll. We do this method to help make sure guildies have a chance at a BiS item rather than someone rolling for an ilvl upgrade.

We do ask if you plan to become a permanent member of our raid team that you join the guild. This will not be expected until several weeks of trialing or at financial convenience.

We are accepting members who are interested in joining for Heroic, M+, or a social environment as well! Please clarify upon applying.

Please contact me through Discord if you have any further question.
Happy Dragonriding!
laura#0003 (Discord)

Join us! I don’t know if we have cookies or not but join us!

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