[Stormrage][A] MW monk looking for a social, heroic raiding guild


I have recently transferred from Horde to Alliance, so I am looking for a new guild to call home. I have played this game from BC and have raided throughout in guilds that aim for AOTC and sometimes push for a few mythic bosses. My horde guild fell apart after Uldir and I have been unlucky in my search for a new guild on my previous server (I was on an Oceanic server so I am new to Stormrage).

I am looking for a guild that is laid back, social and drama free. A guild that aims for AOTC with a few good laughs along the way would be great! I also enjoy doing keys, but I am not interested in pushing IO scores - I rather just have fun doing the keys my guildies want :slight_smile:

I am mainly a MW monk and I prefer healing, but I can WW if an offspec is needed for whatever reason. I have previously been a resto druid and holy priest, so I am quite familiar with the requirements of a healer in general. I am a team player and I am willing to help my guildies out if they need an extra hand to complete their weekly or extra mats for some flasks or feasts.

I am currently based in EST but I will be moving between the US and Australia a bit in the next few months. Evening EST raid times are no problem for me when I am in Australia (although I might have a little lag) :+1:

If you think I’ll be a good fit with your guild please leave me a message.
Btag: Nokkoko#2353
Discord: Koko#4128


Hey! I’m Pwn the GM of a guild that seems to fit your criteria! Just added you on bnet and discord to talk!