[Stormrage] 422 Lock LF AOTC guild

Title says it all, looking for a guild to join, raid with and do m+ with.

Have a long history with raiding, newish to playing DPS though so still learning a bit as I go.

Leave your info and I’ll contact you ASAP

Hey. We are not on Stormrage, but we do not require players to immediately jump servers or join guild to raid or chill with us. We utilize our Discord community to connect players for groups and general malarkey. Our details are below.

Hi. RoastedQuail US–Lightninghoof (Connected Realms - Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, Ravenholdt, The Venture Co, Twisting Nether) is a longstanding, active and casual AOTC guild dating back to Vanilla. We are a tightknit, social group engaging in a wide variety of endgame content including Normal and Heroic Raid, Mythic+, PVP, Achievements, and spamming Discord with otter memes. Aside from otter spam, we also have an #LFG channel on our Discord to help connect players for groups and general mayhem.

Though our members range in age from late teens to approaching pension, our average player is in their 30s. We understand the need to balance WoW and IRL. You will never catch flack for prioritizing real life over WoW.

Primary Raid: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8-10pm EST. We are currently 8/9N Aberrus, and rolling into Heroic soon.
Daytime Raid: We are in the process of establishing a second, daytime raid. Wednesdays & Thursdays 12-2pm EST. Need all roles.
Mythic+: Monday evenings and throughout the week.

Looking for: Newer, veteran, and returning players alike. Players new to raiding and Mythic+ are welcome. All roles and specs. We value player enjoyment over meta specs. For primary raid, current available roles are DPS and Healing though Tanks with Off-Specs are more than welcome. Biggest current needs would be warlock, evoker, DK, mage, and monk. We have a lot of pallies and shammies though still encourage people to play what they love. For Mythic+, run what you love. We have members running keys at varying levels (+2 – 20s and beyond) all week long. For daytime raid, all roles needed.

Expectations: No Toxicity. Be kind, be decent. Raiders should have good attendance, team oriented attitude, the ability to communicate on Discord, must use DBM/Bigwigs and Weak Auras, focus on your role, have a positive attitude, patience and growth mindset while we progress as a guild, good sense of humor, and a desire to have fun.

If interested, hit me up on my Discord (fintem84#5169) or Bnet (fintem1259#1488), and we can chat. No need to immediately jump servers or join guild, just come chill with us in Discord, check out raid or keys, wreck some mobs, and have fun.

Hey there Dotem, if you’re willing to transfer, we are in need of another Warlock for our team. Vitae Rising is an adult-only (18+) AOTC guild on Thrall. We are a small guild, because we value quality over quantity and look for people we will actually enjoy playing with. Currently 7/9H, we raid on Tues and Thurs from 10pm-1am EST (7-10pm PST) and outside of raids, we enjoy pushing keys and even have a few folks who dabble in pvp. If you’re interested, add me at Rawrabear#1450 or Fenrirulv#4433 (discord).

Divine Esports - Stormrage
Aberrus: 9/9N 5/9H
Vault: 8/8H 2/8M

We are looking for players interested in heroic/mythic raiding and high mythic+ keys.

  1. 100% AOTC every tier, and hopefully begin pushing mythic.
  2. High Priority on pushing mythic+ keys (+20s for Hero achievements)

Our raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30-10:30pm PST (10:30pm-1:30am EST)

Recruitment Needs: *

  • RSham / Hpally / Holy Priest / Preservation
  • Mage / Shadow / Elemental / Devastation
  • DK / DH / Warrior / WW
    High Priority Classes, Open to anything

Discord: Tyrue#1556
Btag: Tyrue#1545

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Hello we are currently 9/9N 8/9H and looking for a few dps and healers to fill rank. RL things come up with people and they step away, so we are looking to fill those spots. We plan on diving into mythic and do tons of M+ we raid Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-10pm EST.
Alliance-Stormrage- Azeroths Kitchen

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