<Stormlight> [A] Recruiting a few DPS for 25 mans

< Stormlight > is looking for a few DPS to round out our roster. We are looking for players that know their class and constantly are striving to improve. We are 13/14 in 25 mans and just beginning with hardmodes. We have downed 5/9 HMs in our 10 mans.

We are a group of professional adults, most with kids/spouses and real life commitments. We like to have a bench of a couple spares to cover in case of absences and rotate fairly and equally. We use KSK as an easy and fair loot system which has been working great so far.

Send me a message on discord and we can chat Spankmeplzz#5638

Bump - Still searching for some DPS friends. Would love a rogue, mage, DK but others considered :slight_smile:

Sent a friend request on disc to discuss with you. I have a Frost DK and Disc Priest with a lot of Uld experience on each, and a brand new lvl 80 lock I’d like to gear up and get into some raids as well.