Storming Area 52

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Spectacaular Death is coordinating a “Storming Area 52” event on Friday, September 20th. This is “in honor” of the summer meme “Storming Area 51.” We aren’t taking credit for the original idea. Someone else came up with it. We’re just going to organize it.

Meet at 9 p.m. server time at the edge of the bridge between Blade’s Edge and Netherstorm. We don’t care what level your toon is, but we’re going to run – i.e. “storm” – Area 52. Please don’t use flying mounts. Running is half the fun. Yes! Bring a level 12. We’ll keep those nasty mobs off you.

Bring your toys. Bring fireworks. Bring food and drink. Once we get to Area 52, it’s an all-out party. Spectacular Death does a monthly transmog contest. (We’re a hard-core tmog guild.) This month the theme is “Dress Like an Alien” and we’re going to have the contest after we storm Area 52. Come watch. We’ll have an open tmog event after ours.

I’ve been asked if some PvP could break out. The initial event will NOT be in Warmode. However, cough there could be games of “hide and shriek” breaking out during the event, if you catch my drift. SD won’t participate until after the formal (HA HA “formal”) event is over.

If you want to plan something, we should be done by 10 p.m.

Come, everyone! It will be happy chaos and tons of fun. I’m going to invite the entire Vindication battlegroup even though I know some servers are PvP.

If you have questions, hit me up in game or post here. I have a poster if you’d like something for your guild’s web or social media site.

It’s gonna be glorious!