Store-bought Transmog set not showing up

I bought the Celestial Observer’s transmog set at around 1:45PM today, I was able to apply it in-game within 10 minutes of purchasing it.

It is now 6:22PM and the transmog dissapeared from my character - it was unapplied to my character, and none of the armor pieces show up at the transmog NPC.

Why can’t you guys do anything right?
Can you fix this NOW?

My Credit card was charged and when I go to the store it says I already own the transmog, so it is not a payment issue.

I already reinstalled the game, cleared the cache, lost all my keybindings and addon settings (which I spent hours setting up) and it still doesn’t show up. So please don’t give me stupid advice - just fix it. There is nothing wrong on my end. Fix your garbage service.

UPDATE: My sprite darter set isn’t showing up either. WHAT IS GOING ON?
UPDATE 2: The sets don’t show up on ANY of my characters.


They just showed up again. The transmogs dissapeared after completing the first raid wing of sanctum in LFR, as soon as I zoned out of the instance the transmogs were gone.

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