Stop trying to make everyone happy

Dear blizzard stop trying to make everyone happy and limit how many times a month people come on the forums just to bash what someone else said .fact one every time someone or group comes on this they do nothing but complain what’s that cause to many changes content not being there when it should have . Awhole expansion of fishing and mining or whatever you do flying around for hours to find something to get into they complained about being overwhelmed so you cut content in half right after week one two every time someone cries and yes that’s all they are doing is crying about their class not being stronger than the rest of us, so they can be MLG you nerf everything not just mine but all classes get hit some way. Three this isn’t classic if that’s what you want they have it on the launcher go there woke garbage, didn’t have it before don’t need it now a game isn’t where people should learn about that go do something in the world. four stop bashing people in the forums because they ask a question or wanted help with something that mattered. they just to turn around and get bombarded by people who think they know everything about this game. five shadowlands was better and so was bfa and some stuff before them we have some of the same systems in Dragon flight we voted to get reed of and now they are here just a different version or name. I’ve played this game since BC and every expansion there is a laundry list of garbage that happens to the game or our accounts or something is wow what it was? no is it in a good place? no does everyone have to like it? NO so fix the bugs the laggy systems and whatever else needs to be fixed and don’t pull prelaunch anymore it doesn’t help do anything as Dragon flight again was a garbage launch do i work for blizzard? no do i care about a game I’ve played forever? yes its gotten me through some rough times so again stop trying to please every blowhard and wannabe MLG crybaby you can’t, so just fix the stuff that needs fixed and save your opinions for blizzards dev team cause complaining in the forums changes almost nothing.