Stop removing portals


You object to the sarcastic responses some players have made to Bornakk, saying we are just upset because we disagree with him when the fact is we are objecting to his mocking condescension, and then the first time a poster disagrees with you, you sarcastically say you now wish all portals to be removed.

Don’t criticize people expressing their unhappiness with the way a message is delivered if you can’t even reply civilly to one post politely disagreeing with you.

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Any and all portals, really, but the Legion portals are absolutely a huge motivator to play - I can get to an old zone quickly, so I WILL go out there. Maybe for farming, maybe just because it’s pretty. If you make it more inconvenient to get around, I WON’T get around. The zones you’re trying to populate won’t see me. I have several options to get to, say, Stranglethorn. Take them away? That’s one less person in that zone/possibly in the surrounding zones.

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To answer more specifically on the “Make the world feels bigger” part: I would feel in a bigger world if the game wasn’t trying to scram all the playerbase into one city (Stormwind/Orgrimmar). Adding the diverse conveniences (Auction house and banks sure, but also transmog, portal rooms, portal to the current expansion, to Cataclysm zones) to the other capitales would be a giant step in that direction.
An important point to that is also the possibility of choosing your own favorite hub. Taking myself as an example, I main Horde. I can’t stand the sight of Orgrimmar; seriously, I hate the aesthetic, the less time I spend here, the happier I am.
On the other hand, I love Silvermoon (that I would love even more if it was in 2019 graphisms and with flying, HINT, HINT) and Thunder Bluff. If I could choose either as my main hub, and make my visits to Orgrimmar more sparses, I could appreciate the city for itself again, the game would feel bigger (as that way I can see different landscapes) and I would be happier.

Fault of that, yes. If the new Orgrimmar/Stormwind portal rooms includes some of the deleted ones such as Karazhan (particularly for the Horde!), Dalaran Crater (particularly for the Alliance!) and Caverns of Time I would be… Not happier, but less bitter about it.


Mocking condescension is subjective. All of Bornakk’s follow-up questions are legitimate responses in the context of getting as much information from players about the upcoming changes.

At the same time, to the random triggered player, asking which of the CoT instances are being used the most results in slap-in-the-face reaction about how They could not possibly know why players are doing this older content.

Poor CM can’t announce anything without immediate backlash, and he can’t gather information about the change without immediate backlash either. How exactly are all player complaints supposed to get back to Ion et al if the one tasked with gathering that information can’t ask a question without someone feeling personally attacked by that simple question?

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One word.



While at face value it remains true, the argument that “portals make the world smaller” is so far beyond moot when a game has done nothing but steadily add land mass for the past 12 years.
There is exponentially more physical space in the game world than there has ever been so YES MAKE IT SMALLER PLEASE


I want to say that I still use the Shrine (through Legion Dal) for access to Shattrath and Old Dal (even though I have the ring on my main). Shatt is important for TW vendors.

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This all comes across as another “you think you do…but you dont”

Your unnecessary changes will not motivate anything nor will they make anything feel “bigger” If you want the world to feel “bigger” then maybe create some engaging content that motivates people to be out in the world instead of trying to inconvenience them to the point of doing nothing

When did you guys adopt the philosophy that inconvenience=content? First flying now this. Idk who is telling you that making things more tedious is better for the world but they should be laid off next.


Removing the legion portals is ridiculous. Sure, if you want to remove the portals in shrine or past xpacs in places people aren’t visiting as regular then fair enough but we have a hearthstone to new Dalaran and those portals there make accessing the world around us super convenient. Why bother giving us hearthstones if you’re going to make the city null and void? Makes no sense.

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For me, it’s always better to have multiple ways to get somewhere - having everything locked into one smallish portal room seems counter productive (I shudder to think about the lag issues for older machines). If I’m in Legion-Dal and have a weapon quest to Lorderon… from what I have seen I have to go to Stormwind, then take the FP to WPL before I can fly to the quest area.

And that is only one example. I liked having a couple of my toons parked in Pandaland with the portals there. (Especially one toon who refuses to do Broken Isles for his own reasons). At this point in my playing, I’m not looking to spend more time flying between different flight paths or getting from point A to point B. I did that in Vanilla (and yes, I did the Link:Zelda quest with it’s literal couple of hours of flying back and forth).

Thank you.



Just leave them alone. That’s all we want. Leave the portals alone.

Y’all want to organize and centralize the ones in Stormwind/Orgrimmar? Knock yourselves out!

But Leave. The Rest. ALONE. They aren’t hurting you, they aren’t taking anything away from us, they never have and never will. In fact every single one of them GIVES something to us. Convince, time-saving, ease of travel by MAGICAL means in a FANTASY world.

By taking them away, you’re taking something away. Is this a difficult concept for Blizz as a whole to understand?

STOP. REMOVING. THINGS. Stop nerfing fun. First it was toys, then it was flight, next you’ll be telling us our mounts are going to have stamina and health bars because “taking damage on a mount and having it constantly move at max speed isn’t real enough, and makes the world feel smaller.”


People leveling or doing old content do use the other portals/hubs (like Shrine) though. I don’t see why any would ever need removed. Add to the game. Keep convenience and QOL. Don’t remove it. Azeroth is too big to be fussing with the removal of easy travel.

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No I disagree. More portals = bigger world, easier access. Having to walk/fly around more is VERY annoying.

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Its ugly.

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1- The Jade Forest Portal from Org is fine where it is. It’s easy enough to get too.

The rest are just suggestions:
1- The Cata portals could be moved into the portal room using the same thing as using an NPC to get there rather than a Portal. Include TB with that as well.

This would help with Mid Summer-- When you’re trying to do the toss game and you have players Running/flying to get to those portals and they do so across your line of sight.

2- Please have main hubs. ALL of them in the Portal room: All of the faction’s Main cities, (UC, Silvermoon, Thunder Bluff for Horde and SW, IF, and Darn for Alliance)

Add all of the Main Hubs from each Expansion into the Portal Room. Please include New Dal, Dal (Northreand), Shatt, Shrine, and BfA main Hubs.

Add CoT either to the Mage Tower in SW and to the Cleft in Org if you’re unwilling to add them to the Portal Room. Or simply give it the same treatment as you have with the Blasted Lands/Kara/Hellfire, by simply talking to an NPC.

Really, in all honesty-- Most of the portals can be replaced with just an NPC just as you have done Kara/Blasted Lands/Hellfire.

But want to really point out-- This change doesn’t make the world seem bigger and pulling everyone into one hub is going to create server lag issues and problems.

It’s not going to make the world seem more populated either because we know at some point you’ll have to shard our home severs to deal with the overcrowding and lag.


I hear that adding more places to visit makes a world bigger not buy taking things away

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Bornakk, you are my favorite (brown) orc. I think you may find the following raw (minus removed expletives) reaction in my group chat to be instructive and thought-provoking. Please pass the feedback to the designers/developers.

TL;DR “Playing through classic while it was current was enough for me. No sense in trying to relive it.” i.e.: let people playing Classic WoW have the experience and let the people playing modern WoW keep their portals.

  • …why would they do this?
    oh, so they’re trying to “streamline” portals which means removing a bunch of useful ones to make room for more generic ones?

  • so 58s will have to go to Blasted Lands portal, change it to the old version, then go thru the Black Portal?

  • the player pool has changed
    the people playing back then aren’t going to be the majority today

  • apparantly the portal removal is to “elp azeroth feel alive” and “make mages feel special”

  • as a mage
    i want ez-pz travel for my alts.

  • You mean PORTAL PLEASE, like in vanilla?
    Cause that gets annoying as a mage in vanilla
    Admittedly sitting in teldrassil to sell portal was funny.

  • “When there are fewer portals, does the world feel a bit bigger to you?”
    What kind of question is this?

  • boy the game sure feels more alive when you’re forced to sit through a 5 min flightpoint to caverns of time
    know what else makes the world feel more alive?
    keeping your subscribers

  • I wonder if they don’t realize that flight paths aren’t engaging
    they’re, in fact, a period of time to go to the bathroom, grab a drink, etc.

  • I think the point is that it’s more engaging to traverse the world than bypassing the world. But yeah, not a good look. I’d prefer to keep the portals and have the option.

  • but it’s not
    you’re just AFKing the “traversal”
    whereas skipping it actually gets you o the content you’re gonna be engaged with quicker

  • More people on demented birds or manticores a livelier world it does not make.


I used to have a signature here. The Shattering… shattered it. Please don’t step on the pieces.

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Classic WoW is around the corner, what is the purpose of this change? I mean besides kicking up those MAUs ActiBlizz is so food off. If you’re looking for a classic experience, Vanilla WoW is it. You should be curating, refining and pushing the envelope with the current game.


Comments like this are not helpful. He’s still trying to get information. Don’t act so rashly.


This isn’t that hard to understand based on how justified the reasons are some pages back.

The portal to the Dalaran Crater offers a convenient path to the northern East Kingdoms for several older dungeons, especially to Alliance players.

Pandaria’s portal to the Vale’s shrines is a perfect middle ground for people that want to go to Timeless Island for the Timewalking turn-in, or even westward to Throne of Thunder. The same logic can be applied to the Dragonblight portal: it’s a good ‘middle’ ground to the continent overall for max level players, and new people who bummed a summon to the (Legion) Dalaran portal hub alike.

People have already covered why the Caverns of Time portal needs to stay, so I’ll just lay out ‘my’ reason with one word: CONVENIENCE.

Honestly, as large as this thread has become? You have PLENTY of ‘specifics’.