Stop justifying your new system by breaking old ones

Put the water strider on the same level as the sky Golem. Passive water walking, but no anti daze/parachute.

Player choice: do I risk getting dazed off my mount for water walking, or do I swim on my horse that I can’t be dazed from?

Death knights, shaman, and anyone who knows the water walking elixir exists disagrees that there was never any choice. If you couldn’t exercise self control with the bug, that was on you. The rest of us are paying for it.

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How does it benefit Blizzard?

Gold sink. They said the water walking item costs 1000g per use.

Take more money out of players’ pockets = Sell more tokens.


Can’t mess with the golem since that’s something people can buy off the AH unlike the strider.

It is an interesting point that people will have to continue buying equipment every time they want another mount to have water walking and switch out equipment. Players are going to complain about that A LOT I foresee.

Blizz every time I get a new favorite mount I have to pay for equipment .

Every time I get bored with a mount I have to pay for new equipment for whatever I decide to switch to.

Complaints about abilities being limited as well will be an issue too.

Flying mounts that can be used on the ground or walk over water (soon) but gated for flying for half an expansion in current content. How stupid is that?

No I dont think so. My understanding is that the equipment slot is per character. There are a couple that are saying its per mount but I don’t think they are correct.

with the benefit of making all of that character’s mounts walk on water.

is that price true? If so it explains everything. This is purely a business move and not for the benefit of players or game play if what you said is true.

Just as a carry on to this conversation, for those that do not know and I am too lazy to link it, there is a blue post about this, and some changes that are already being planned on

Namely the purchase tokens will be BoA
It will only take one toon on the acount to reach level 100 to unlock the equipment slot.
And at that point, you will be able to use the equipment slot starting at level 20. This is when we first get riding, assuming you are not using the chauffeur heirloom mount before this.

So assuming you will be airborn at 60 all the way through current content(Naz and Mech included) we are talking a window of 40 levels where this may impact you. And I am wracking my brain trying to think of where I would need to water walk that much in those 40 levels. I am sure it is there, I just can’t think of it right now.

What a bunch of idiots. First it was boat mount that can’t float. Now water strider can’t stride on water. Soon our legged mounts will not be able to walk on legs anymore.


Don’t worry.

Next you will see a hearthstone to use another hearthstone. Time to gobble up those MAUs.

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I’m glad I won’t have to see ugly insects everywhere now, nor feel like I’m screwing myself over when I want to use a regular mount.

See you in nazjatar buddy!

Probably an out of date April fool’s. Or not?

Y’all are pathetic

The fact that you grinded isn’t being taken away. You’ll be getting the new item to let you water walk on day 1. People that did not will not.

You aren’t losing anything, but be my guest. Keep painting everything in a negative light for the sake of it.

Also… no. No I will not quit using logic in a fantasy game. Gravity exists and functions normally. We can assume that other things, such as surface tension, also do.

All of that being said, I respect your opinion and suggest that we simply agree to disagree.

Water walking isnt a system. If anything, dks and tanks should be upset.

No, I’m just able to see when there isn’t a problem to critique.

We should be telling Blizzard that the fact that there aren’t any class changes in 8.2 is bad.

Instead of griping that water walking was opened up to all mounts.

I find it amusing how many people treat this like a non-issue. I suppose I treated a number of problems in prior expansions like non-issues too… but…

Blizzard has it out for a system, creates some new gold-sink system that no one has asked for to justify removing the system they wanted to destroy, and players are expected to just take what we’re given, eh?

Sorry, but no. At this point I’m not even interested in playing Classic anymore. I had hopes that they wouldn’t mess it up… but the things they’re doing now to trivialize the items that we worked to unlock… nothing is sacred except the MAU.

I’m sorry if you folks don’t see it this way. I can’t open your eyes. I can only take my money elsewhere. I’ve worked hard to push on Blizzard - to make and support threads for issues that are silly that have negative customer / player impact - but I’m at the end of that journey.

I’m done pouring any more of my passion into this product.

I’m sorry you feel that way and refer you to my initial suggestion.

Take a break, play something else. See if you still feel this way in a few weeks.

Just gotta do what you feel is right.