Stop justifying your new system by breaking old ones

Except, they are absolutely removing existing functionality. Something you could do a week ago, you can no longer do. But look! Blizzard has given you a solution to that problem (just ignore that they created the problem to begin with).


What functionality is that?

Without specific equipment, the azure/crimson water striders can no longer walk over water. Additionally, those mounts can no longer walk on water, period, for any character under Level 100 (exception being Shaman, due to a Class Perk).

Thus, any character who A) does not have the mount perk equipped, and B) is not yet at level 100, completely loses something that they were perfectly capable of doing before this system goes live.


Why couldn’t they just leave the striders the way they are and carry on with the equipment on everything else exactly?


I have nothing nice to say about the diablo B team. Hopefully the A team making the next expansion will do better.


"Without specific equipment, the azure/crimson water striders can no longer walk over water. "
This isn’t removing functionality. This is giving you a CHOICE of functionality. If a restaurant changes their menu from offering only steak to steak AND burgers you don’t say they removed options. They added more. If you want waterwalking all you have to do is choose it.

You can’t use a mount below level 20 and 60+ you have flight. So it’s really only 20-60 that are inconvenienced. And I can count on one hand how many bodies of water you need to cross in that level range. That being said, I agree it’d be nice if mount equipment was useable at all levels.

Edit: My ONE concession turns out is already solved by Blizzard:


Because anyone who legitimate likes the strider mount would be stuck using specifically only water walking. Which is also crappy. If you want to waterwalk, just put on water walking. It’s literally that easy.

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They can add equipment for water walking on other mounts without removing the passive from the striders.


That would make too much sense. But this current dev team is on a prune spree since WoD to remove anything made from the previous dev team. No respect for what players earned and no respect for the previous dev team.


You entirely missed my point. If they did that it would mean people who WANT to use the strider for it’s looks will not get a choice. They will either not get the same choice as everyone else in mount equipment or they will have to avoid using the strider.

Yeah! Pruning! Removing water walking from one mount and adding a new system that allows any of a multitude of effects!

That’s adding complexity not reducing.

I’m not too sure on the details right now with all of the info flying around, but what choice would be missing exactly?

This is portal prune all over again. The net effect is negative for the overall health of this game moving forward.


Perhaps reading the other 30 threads on this topic will quell your anger, its really not bad at all

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How is the net effect negative when there are MORE choices? The one effect being removed is still available and MORE WIDELY useable.


Blizzard has stated they don’t like the strider being significantly more “powerful” than other mounts. So let’s imagine they left water walking on the Strider. It is likely the strider would not be able to use equipment in this case, because then strider would be “to powerful” by virtue of having 2 affects.

Now let’s assume the strider is your favorite mount. You dont care about the water walking, you just like the look. So the new system comes out and you really want to use the reduced daze equipment but find out you can’t on your strider. You now have 2 choices. Accept that you cannot use the daze equipment or choose not to use the strider, your favorite mount. That doesn’t feel good.

With the current planned implementation. People who want to use the strider but don’t want water walking, can simply use a diff equipment and keep using the strider. People who want water walking but hate the strider, can simply use the water walking equipment with a different mount. People who want to use the strider AND water walking, well they can do that too.

The planned implementation is the only one where you aren’t punished based on what mount you like to ride.


Jesus… every time Blizzard opens its mouth about changes - I’m wanting to play less and less… keep it up Blizzard… you’re doing a damn fine job of driving off what’s left of your player base…


Sounds like you’re reaching for a reason to take a break.

Take one. 8.2 is a long way off.

Show me where they stated waterstriders wont be able to walk on water.

I don’t like this crap they ram down our throat - “It’s an improvement! Really… it is!”

It’s not… Blizzard is taking the ability to use player made items that give us immunity to daze/stuns while mounted, AND taking away the ability to use a mount that has water walking… and then FORCING us to choose one OR the other. That’s not an improvement. That’s justifying their new system by breaking the old one (just like OP stated).