Stop announcing beta and tests and stuff if 99% population cant get in

(Padgarre) #62

I agree I think that Blizzard likes to torture us. This is their way of getting revenge on their playerbase by announcing things we can’t even enter. Secretly they are laughing at us and enjoying some payback.

(Dovahsah) #63

someone’s jelly


It would be nice to get some official statement on whether or not those previously invited to the stress test will eventually (today or over the weekend) be able to take part of this or not.

This way people can stop checking if the Play button is suddenly enabled and go on about whatever…

(Mogar) #65

It’s not a stress test. Why would you think we’d have access to this? They don’t need to clarify what is perfectly obvious.


e’ll open a new realm in the WoW Classic Beta for dedicated testing of Alterac Valley.

When beta testers log into the WoW Classic Beta at that time, please look for the new Field of Strife realm. Alterac Valley will only be available for testing on this realm, and we will be turning off the other beta realms for the duration of the AV test. You’ll find that test characters on Field of Strife are confined to their capital cities. Don’t worry—even if you could leave the city, there will be no enemies, quest-givers, dungeons, or transports throughout the rest of the world.
seems like
if you have Beta & stress test you should be able to log into this world no?
“BETA AND stress test”
“It’s not a stress test. Why would you think we’d have access to this? They don’t need to clarify what is perfectly obvious.” i wonder why i would think i had beta

(Padrepwn) #67

What? How are you confused? Nowhere in this post does it say stress test or stress testers. The key words are beta testers.

Here’s a link to the top of the forums of the original blue post. Your post looks like you’re trying to add something that is clearly not there.

Edit: you should edit your post. The way you’ve quoted/not qouted the blue is bleeding into your misinterpretation of what was really said.
I mean being a coder and all forum syntax should be child’s play for you…


what does beta & stress test mean to you padre?
only stress test
or beta and stress test
or should i say stress test & beta
either way it means you have access to both BETA AND STRESS TEST
why would they include the word beta
they could have just said “classic wow stress test”
also no i wont be editing my post because i dont give a rats tit about spelling grammar or quoting correctly on a world of warcraft forum
and if you do which you clearly do 4k posts mate seriously you should probably go outside

(Padgarre) #69

Beta stress test

Full release stress test tba

(Daimonas) #70

There is a simple do-it-yourself solution for that problem.
Select the option, and click Options -> Uninstall. The option will be gone, and will not reappear until you are selected.


So… what if we are in another stress test? We wouldnt want to uninstall it. Unless, there will be an updated installer and we need to uninstall the old one first?

(Dealloc) #72


Don’t care either way.


If you’re only resubbing for Beta, you’re resubbing for the wrong reason anyway.

Honestly Blizz should make it so if you don’t have an active sub the day beta starts, you’re inelligible.

(Daimonas) #75

It is up to you, to uninstall it or not. If you need some disk space now, or you know you won’t play Classic anymore, you can uninstall it. But, if you hope to get invited to the stress test, then you don’t have to uninstall it.


It means it’s the “Beta & Stress Test” client, Mr. Software-Engineer.

They couldn’t just simply use the same client for both with different account levels, that would be impossible.

Personally I am a little bit miffed about how they launched the Alterac Valley realm and decided to make the client appear, for purposes of stress testers uninstalling, at the same time without any explanation, though.


Well, I was in the first two. I’m okay if others get a chance because they will get to play a little. But if there’s another stress test forthcoming, maybe we should keep it?

(Daimonas) #78

well, I am keeping mine

(Phitz) #79

99% can’t get in? You mean…I am now the 1%! WOOO!

Someone come mow my lawn and wash my car!


Theres a reason why ATVI-Blizz releases this the same day as their PVP tournament on twitch, coincidence, I think not. The only thing you are about to see more of is “blizzard” leveraging classic interest to boost retail viewership exposure, more classic updates and content releases on par with retail events.

Why do you think we have a 100 day closed beta promoted by streamers and they say you need a subscription for a CHANCE to get in and release no numbers given this is designed as controlled gambling and promoted as a “closed beta”.

I had hopes for classic not being something ATVI-Blizz leaned on when they wanted to add modern monetization techniques into an old game, I just didn’t think they would be so blatant about how low they would stoop to take advantage of peoples passion for a 15 year old game.

(Padrepwn) #81

Please quote from that post where they mention stress test. They don’t say stress in the entire post.

Because the beta testers are beta testing AV. Not the stress testers. They are two groups with different levels of testing access. They flat out said that. My turn to be lazy. Go search for it.

I couldn’t careless about your grammar. I know it’s lost on you anyways.
Misquoting someone is basically lying. Especially when it’s to support your view. The irony here is that you’re possibly spreading false information and could lead to confusing even more people on this subject. You know that though…

70% of those posts are posted while im outside. Lol. You probably have 4k posts like this one spread out over your army of alts.
Bet you get called on your bs and then change avatars. Same thing you will do after this thread because you have no credibility whatsoever.
A developer that can’t figure out how to use the qoute function on a forum? Uh huh. Tell me another one. :popcorn: