Stitches petition

If I remember correctly, I think some of the material things one had to gather during the chain were actually used to create him, which added to the immersion. I remember seeing that " Darkshire, I hunger!!" In the chat box and thinking time to get my lvl 20 whatever off the road. Way off the road lol!.


When I first joined WoW during vanilla, I rolled alliance as my friends had already started the game and picked allaince. Duskwood was one of my favorite places and honestly still is. Stitches was someone to be feared and you learned that early on. From then on you kept your head on a swivel for him and communicated with everyone in the area. He and hogger are and should be learning curves and make the game fun. Those that get upset and drop the game after getting punted by these two simply shouldn’t play the game. Laugh, learn, and plot revenge.

Rolling horde this time around but might still run by sometime to say hi to Hogger and Stitches. Will miss the early terror.

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Bumping this. C’mon blues.


So if we can’t start a petition how do we know Blizzard will see this to flip the switch on making him hostile?

There’s no reason to keep him neutral for “testing”. It was an obvious overlook since they nerfed him in later expansions for all the kiddies.

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someone who is in beta opens a bug report. That’s how Blizzard will see this issue.


Tried to post this issue here :

If something is missing, tell me, i’ll edit my thread

I remember him being hostile, and running for my life. At 1.12 I don’t remember his status.

He is hostile? At least until he isn’t. I’ve bug reported it after every known patch since I first became aware of it.

I seem to recall there already being a topic about him in the beta forums as well… Time to go look, I guess. edit: I guess not.

blizzard planning on stepping in with these two?

Stitches is lvl35 Elite.

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No, really?

Its almost like you are taking the preview text from the WoWWiki link as my statement without actually seeing anything on the Wiki. Current, post Cata, stitches is 23 as noted in the Wiki itself. I however linked the wiki to point out that there were no changes made to Stitches since he was introduced until WotLK (where they weakened him) and then again in Cataclysm where the world was revamped and so was Stitches.

Why are you choosing to ignore the context of my post and the reasoning for the wiki link and instead focusing on the preview text…?

Also, for those who skip to the end of the thread, here is my original post on the matter which also gives context as to why I posted a WoWWiki link.

Perhaps don’t skim my post, guy, and pay attention to important contextual points.


Yes, really…

Maybe since this is a Classic discussion, I was just correcting your mis-information. It specifically stated in your post that he was a 23 Elite.

Maybe you should have to facts straight, or correct the info at the time of post, rather than be sarcastic with me.

Many of us have, including many other bugs which still arent fixed. It’s much more likely to get something fixed by creating a public PR problem for them. Bug reports are easier to sweep under the rug and ignore

No need to make a petition, its definitely not working as it did in 1.12

Cata with the revamp I think is when he was turned non-hostile.

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He was red even until Wrath.

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I mean, look at him. He should obviously be red.

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Is this fixed yet? Very important that i get my wife killed by stiches as we duo level here… … .


Still not fixed, and stitches is just the tip of the ice burg

I don’t want tho think what 40-60 is going to be like

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By Kaivax <Community Manager> 1 hr 7 min ago (Patch 8.2.0) Source#6

FYI this is just a bug, and we’re working on fixing it. Stitches will behave as expected.


Stitches is a good bud of my, we go way back, we used to gank alliance on the daily, then we would has a beer and talk about how dum they are. hes not as dumb as some people think.