Still yet to receive a Email stating why my account is locked

The AH had a huge issue where cancelling an auction would send you gold at a later time. It was pretty messed up. If this happened to you, then yes it’s like that’s why your account is locked.

Hopefully they’re making a dent in the locked accounts and will have them all back soon.


At least I hope we are going to be compensated for the game time lost and that the subscriptions will be reinstated and the accounts made good.

Hope you guys have a ‘lessons learn’ because this is the wrong way to handle paying customers for an error that originates with your company.

The communication left a lot to be desired and the entire affair should have been handled in a much more customer friendly way.

I don’t know for sure, but Blizz usually only removes the payment method if the account has received a lengthy suspension. I mean, it’s possible they removed it for this issue, but your the first person I’ve seen post stating that their subscription was removed.


My subscription was cancelled too. Is there a blue post on this?

This is what it literally says:

Your World of Warcraft® Subscription - 6 Months is now canceled

Hi there Okupa,

Your subscription for World of Warcraft® Subscription - 6 Months has been canceled. You’ll no longer be charged, though you can still play until your current subscription expires on Sep 23 2022 08:31 PM (PST). Manage your account at any time on renewing your subscription!

Blizzard Entertainment

My account shows locked and I can’t play so its a bit of a bloody joke. I’m not the only one that has had their subscription cancelled.

Probably an automated knee-jerk response to locking an account.


Maybe they did remove the subscriptions for these too then! I could see the logic in it so that someone’s account doesn’t get charged while they’re unable to access it.

As for a blue post, there’s one from when the issue happened here:


Locking the accounts prevents them from engaging further with the bugged system so as to mitigate the damage done. If the AH stayed open and the accounts that received the bugged gold were allowed to keep it, the economy of the game would be unfathomably trashed like the real economy. The people getting insane amounts of gold would be spending it hoarding WoW tokens (if they can do that) and other items.

I have no idea but in this case it would definitely be warranted. This was an epic bug.


I have seen a few, starting yesterday morning over in GD.

Normally a Sub is only removed if the account is suspended for longer than 2 weeks so that it won’t get charged a renewal fee.

This is just one of those cases where Blizzard has not communicated much about how they are handling the locked accounts, what is being done, or anything.

I realize it is a unique situation but I see the frustration. I am trying to figure out if there was a ban wave in addition to the AH issue and they are separate things.

I would be super confused if I was an impacted customer.

Yeah, if someone was not exploiting then I really hope Blizzard gives them their play time back at the very least.


It may be automatic once the issue is resolved. Otherwise you can put a ticket in for the lost time.

You will likely have to restore the subscription yourself.

If you use the 6-month subscription I would wait until it’s around the time your current time ends as the 6-month subscription bills immediately because of the Special Offer associated with it.

good luck with that but ya they should do something. but what really grinds my gears is the fact they just let us wonder why our account is locked


Update 8:30 p.m. PDT

We’re very close to finished with the part of the fix that required we keep the AH closed. The AH should open up on all realms in the next few minutes.

As we take further steps to return player accounts to their previous condition, a very small number of players will be locked out of their characters for an additional time. We’ll return them to availability as quickly as possible.

The most frustrating part of this is that I haven’t received a email stating anything in regards to my locked account. So I’m assuming my account is still in good standing. I understand they have to take the gold away but should it take this long. It states from the blue post on the 1st of the day , when I was locked , that there were only "a very small number of players will be locked out of their characters for an additional time. " If it’s actively being worked on and is a high priority according to Vrakthris , how long is it going to take? At the very least could we get email in regards to our personal accounts stating what is happening?


As long as it takes for staff to go through every single account, manually… or for developers to write a script and run it, whichever comes first. Given that it’s been a couple days, I’m guessing it’s the former.


If it’s only a small amount of players and it’s the highest of priorities according to blue post/response to my previous post. Should it take this long? I have no idea since I have no information on my end, which could of been sent out in a email. I just wanna be able to play the game again. I’m missing out on Legion M+ this week , which ill have to wait another 3 1/2 months for.

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Mega /violin, I feel you on that one… I would be incredibly surprised if nothing was done to at least minorly compensate people for the time and inconvenience, considering in this situation accounts were outright locked.

What they have to do is look through individual logs and determine what items or gold were obtained as a result of the bug or exploitation of the bug, and reverse those changes. The last time I recall Blizzard having to individually fix accounts was during the absolute madness that ensued when realms started getting merged and people’s characters were reverting levels. It took them months to cycle through accounts to do that but that was on a far larger scale and far more complicated and problematic than this.

Problems like this are not routine or consistent so there isn’t really an ETA on it. The tech staff are probably scrambling in overdrive to control and repair the damage.


I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but this type of problem has to take at least 2 weeks to be fixed, I wish it were less, but that’s what I think :frowning:

I’m not sure, but if the development team has to manually check each account, it could be why. This forum would not have that detail to share.

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It was a disastrous bug and more importantly a disastrousway to handle it.
In 2022, after all those talks about how they want to improve communications…not explaining to people why their accounts is locked is not something tolerable.

Feedback on this needs to go in the General Discussion forum. The ones who make those decisions don’t take feedback from the Customer Support forum and the SFAs here are not liaisons with them.


now they are removing blindly all the gold from my character lol
I didn’t open the mail, i didn’t cancel (i think). I played AH like i used to. And opened a ticket as soon as i saw the bugged.
What more could i have done?
removing like 1M gold, while the duped mails was about dozens of thousand maybe a hundred.
Someone is out of control with this bug, it needs to stop. And blue need to communicate.

No one is going to communicate with you about your specific situation over the forums.

Customer Support is not the place for feedback on the issue.