Still seeing full premades with pug teams

Full premades should be fighting full premades. Cmon blizz…

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As long as you have at least one group of 5+ on your side you can be matched against a full premade.

largest group we had was 3 though… I thought they fixed this.

Yeah you should report that as a bug, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Not like blizzard will fix it. This will be the norm going forward might as well buckle up

yeah this definitely feels like code change didnt make the production push. I keep being on teams with barely any server overlap on my side verse premades when I solo queue.

Blizzard wants more people to quit

there isnt even a mechanism to make it less likely to verse the same premade over and over so you cant even re-queue right away and hope to play the game and have fun

Did you read the post?


I’ve seen a few of these as well such as the game I just did vs 10 Whitemane and only 4 of my team on one realm.

I really think the reasoning is similar to why AvA games exist (even when fewer alliance queue) when HvH games run at the same time. There is no time delay to match properly. So the first 20-30 players (depending on the BG) to queue get matched together. Feedback was given that a slight (2-5 minute) delay would fix this stuff but nothing was done. So unless there are over 60 instances of a battleground running (or one per minute) this type of thing will happen. Yes, it was never guaranteed that solo players would not fight premades.

This doesn’t really bother me as much as it does others but this is why it’s happening. No queue matching delay.

If there are no other premades queuing you will vs them as a pug. Do you guys even read what Blizzard actually says in the updates? Working as intended.

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Winehouse? More like Whinehouse.


It should also be matching teams of 6+ against a 6+ team on the other side, if it’s not doing that something is broken.

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