Still Remaining Recruitment Offer

Recruiting for Mythic team

We raid 6-9pm server time Tues Wed and Sun.

Recruitment is now open, we are looking for quality players, class and role is of low importance.

A True 4x4 Guild. Been raiding for 14 years. No mandatory alts. No insane AP requirements.

Guild Info:

  • We are a multi-national Alliance PvE raiding guild based on Draka - US, where we have been since the first day the server opened, making us a VERY stable and long established guild.
  • Taken nearly EVERY server first since the introduction of achievements in WoTLK. Also dominated all PvE progression since start of realm.
  • Our focus is and will always be endgame PVE raiding content, without extreme times or schedules.
  • Lead by a Council of Seven thats been around since this game was created of guild leading experience.

What We Can Offer You:

  • A home - we’re on discord 24/7 and don’t just play WoW together.
  • A like minded guild, if you’re wanting to slay some dragons whilst having some fun then hit us up
  • The opportunity to raid amongst Draka’s / Suramar’s finest players in a positive and progressive environment.
  • Well organized and fair raid setups.
  • If you deserve the loot, you’ll get it. Simple as. We use a loot council system so we’ll reward for activity/performance/general attitude etc…

What We Expect From You (Standard Stuff):

  • You must enjoy your class and always give it your all in raids, plus that extra 10% needed on progression.
  • Great knowledge of your class and your role in raids and the ability to extra every ounce of DPS, HPS or TPS out of your gear.
  • Dedication not only to your character, but to the guild. We’re not after someone who isn’t going to care about the people they spend 9hours per week with.
  • Actually enjoying raiding and not just doing it to fill time, you should be wanting to learn tactics and how to overcome new encounters.
  • A stable computer with a solid internet connection is a must, you are no good to us if you disconnect every 5 minutes.
  • Always come prepared for raids and also be willing to farm for appropriate class flasks, potions, elixirs, and all other consumables. Get the best out of your character.
  • Be able to take constructive criticism if necessary. Everyone makes mistakes, even the best of us, you must be mature enough to take advice if you’re doing something wrong.
  • Participation in raids (We expect you to make all raid days).
  • Good understanding of English.
  • Working Microphone and the ability to use it.
  • Must be able to take a joke, if you’ve got an attitude problem then we don’t want you.
    *Cause Drama your out Three Strike rule…We Dont tolerate it.

Our Raiding Schedule:

The schedule is set up to be 3 days a week

  • Tue/Wednesday/Sun
  • 6pm server time to 9pm server time


Please remember to take time with your consideration and put some work into it, people put a lot of work into this guild and this is the most important part of you joining the guild.

But really, we are ALWAYS, ALWAYS! looking for good players. With the flexibility of raid compositions now, we can really accept ANYONE. So if you’re thinking, just visit with me or in game mail one of us… what’s the worst that can happen?

If you have any questions or concerns other please message Sidedoor#1697 , Cage, Boobles, Vigilance, Bloodyroots in game These guys are always online and actively recruiting everyday. No online app needed or required simple adult conversations…

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