Sticking with Preservation?

Who here isn’t switching from Preservation come season 3? Right now I’ve been going back and forth between several classes and seeing as I just had a horrible experience with Monk I’m considering of just sticking it out with my Evoker who I’ve had more success with.

My other option is possibly Disc Priest. They usually seem to be a safe pick overall each season. So just curious who here is gonna stay with Preservation or bench it.


I’m sticking with it. I’m a little annoyed with the nerf to Resonating Sphere, but I think overall it will still be fine. The upcoming tier looks promising and I think having an interrupt and lust will be useful.

That said, every patch I’ve been able to keep up an alt pretty easily (basically a co-main). I’m looking at Disc Priest or possibly Resto Druid to fill that slot next season. I’m intrigued by Disc’s rework, and the priest tier xmog seems to absolutely be worth collecting.

I’ve never figured out Mistweaver, it’s the one healer that never clicked for me.

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What is going on with the nerf? I haven’t really looked at the patch notes all that much just usually a quick glance.

I have tried and tried to get Mistweaver down and unless I’m with a well geared group which usually means I get carried I struggle to keep up.

Disc Priest was fun when I was playing it. Thankfully our group has lust covered so I have the option of picking a class that doesn’t bring it.

They nerfed the number of echoes from 5 to 3 on resonating sphere. It just kinda feels bad to play, but I think the upcoming tier and buffs to spells will make up for it.

The playstyle for MW just never clicked for me personally.

Right now on PTR I think resto druid is looking to be very solid in both raid/m+. Disc I think is very strong, but a lot of their talent tree seems half-baked with the changes they’ve made (for example, Twilight Equilibrium just doesn’t really work with the rework and reduced buttons/charges on Mind Blast).

I always worry about Disc in pugs because it’s always been kind of a rough spec there, with a weak toolkit for recovering from mistakes. No interrupt, lust or brez is a bit of an issue, plus bad mobility. PI and Mass Dispel are nerfed now too. I think they’ll still be strong, but possibly a little more niche to play.


You mean the healer that is #2 in hps only by a literal ~1% sliver to resto druids? Maybe healing just isn’t for you

If you’re only talking about m+ my apologies