Steermouse wow question

So I installed steermouse onto my mac so that I could use my razer naga mmo mouse. For the most part everything is working great with one exception. When I play on my PC I assign one button to the CTRL button so that I can use that button in combination with other buttons allowing me to hit CTRL 1, CTRL2… I would like to do the same for my mac assigning one button to the control button but that does not seem possible. Is there a way to do that?

You should be able to check off Ctrl, and just have the key set to None

ey bro! i have the same setup, what I use is karabiner elements to allow use of my side mouse buttons and to be recognized and to change fn key to left control and left command to left option for example in simple modifications menu , and steermouse to assign the correct mouse keys.

I can bind anything with bartender addon too.

Check there isn’t a conflict related to chords. I know when I was setting it up on my logitech mouse there was a little hazard icon there somewhere. I had to make a change to the chord configuration for mission control, setting it to undefined for the wow app.

what the heck is a chord
any chance that will fix my problem with beta not recognising modifiers?

I don’t think so, as I use this app for using my Tarturus

Does your Tartarus work in the beta? If you’re in beta.

Not outside of while using it for Text Input

It is odd

bro you should post that in my thread too just to get a record of people having the issue

As per my other topic, I cannot use it right now to map OPT (ALT) as the key bind works on the regular key, but for whatever reason won’t recognize it when I use it as a gshift button my my Logitech g600. Works fine in retail, but not in beta. Weird.