Steel trap now requires us to take Nesingwary's Appartus? -_-

I swear they changed the pathing just so that SOMEONE ends up taking that stupid nesingwary talent. I want my steel trap but I dont wanna invest 2 points into that dead node of a talent blizz!


It is mind boggling, I don’t think I have seen any complaints about Steel trap being “to available” and then blizz does this, I don’t get it.


Tbh, it actually makes perfect sense.
Steel Trap is a capstone ability, and honestly it didn’t make too much sense for it to build out of “pet” path, rather than “trap” one.

I don’t think that it going out of nesingwary’s is a bad thing, i just think that nesingwary’s should be stronger for where it is and 2 points value.

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If the Nesingwary sucked a bit less the change wouldn’t be to bad. But yeah I get blizz gating steel trap being nesingwary, keep trap with trap. I do prefer the old tree though.


Why is steeltrap a capstone in the first place?


So does Ness now work with Steel Trap? What about Tar? In the early days of SL raiding, using that Lego with traps actually worked, until we got to bosses you could not throw traps on. (Eye) for example.

I have not taken a look at the trees to see a change, guess I need to go see.

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Nesingwary’s is garbo as it is and needs removed. I dont get why steel trap is so good as it is either. I feel like blizz just threw traps in for traps sake and thats it.

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I feel like the capstone trap should be a less niche one. Like make explosive/steel the choice node, leave intim baseline, and make capstone trap something like snake trap

Good questions, right now it looks like just frost. I mean heck if you are going to gate steel trap behind Ness, might as well go all in for apparatus, have it affect tar, have it affect steel.

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Am I misunderstanding something or no PVE situation will ever require taking steel trap as a capstone ?

If anything, this change will just make it annoying to get steel trap in pvp :sweat_smile:

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I like the trap fantady for survival as a spec and i miss caltrops among other things from legion. So i was planning to use steel trap for pve. But then they gated it behind nesingwary.

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ALSO the biggest upset is still that nta doesn’t even work with steel trap, it still only works off freezing trap,

The whole point of the ability was that you could cycle through 3 different traps to have very decent uptime on the buff so you wouldn’t even need to rely on the focus regen from kill command (for sv when it was viable dur cn).

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Honestly it kind of feels like an oversight (but maybe that is naivety on my part). I am hoping that in the future apparatus will be changed to affect more than just freezing. I mean if steel trap is meant to invoke “ye olde” days of SV as the master of traps then lets go all in.

if I’m being honest all hunter cap stones don’t feel good at all. and in survival we don’t even need our capstones


New CA seems pretty cool but tbh i with it worked with FS instead of wfb