Stealth still bugged

Prowl on a druid, or just stealth on my rogue.

Randomly, without any cause drop stealth. No damage, no dot.
Didn’t hit the stealth button, nothing. Just drops randomly.

How is this still a problem? Literally a game breaking bug.

It’s a feature…

Keeps you in :heavy_check_mark: and awake and creates awareness

Stealth is still bugged. In classic you can see stealthed characters when they get close enough because stealth is just that, stealth.

Stealth has been bugged for years and is near impregnable invisibility against most players.

Please fix the stealth bugs.

There’s always something breaking stealth.

At one point Monks using images just knocked you out.

It blows my mind stuff like this continues to be a problem, really.

Probably game engine related. This has been a problem for forever

Honestly maybe.

Last time I played rogue like this was Shadowlands season 1, and I do not remember it being a problem.

Before that, I played back in Mop and I don’t remember it being a place. It’s a new thing for me. It even happens on my druid, which is very upsetting! No vanish, lol.