Stealth is broken again

I’ve noticed since the latest hotfix, when we’re out of combat, at times it can take up to 5 seconds before I’m allowed to restealth. I’ve asked my guild and some rogues are saying the same thing.

Stupid question…are you playing sub - and do you have Shadow Dance up at the end of combat? You can’t re-stealth until after that buff drops (or you /cancelaura it).

Also, another stupid question, but you are aware of the actual cooldown on stealth right?

Yes I’m aware of both

Then yeah I haven’t noticed anything myself - and I play a lot of rogue.

I know the Blood domination set can cause all kinds of issues (even other people having a blood set on can mess you up)…and Kevin’s Oozling for necros…other than that, I haven’t noticed anything at all out of the ordinary.

I get knocked out of Stealth randomly all the time. I was in a ioc bg last night. Literally noone within about 100 yards of me at one point and got knocked out of Stealth. I think it has to do with my dots on someone else. Dot someone up then run and re stealth. Seems like one of those dots is knocking me out .

I remember Kevins oozling keeping me from going into stealth. I had to make a cancel aura for that one to actually restealth or that sob would keep you in stealth until leaving on its own. I been watching shadow dance and its generally not up when im out of combat and trying to stealth. I have addons over my screen that’s very clear if im in/out of combat and if SD is up or not. SD will be off, out of combat, and it just wont let me stealth. I’m not sure what the deal is.

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Been getting knocked out of stealth randomly, no bleeds, dots nothing on me. Couldn’t figure what it was. Mind you, not the same thing you’re mentioning, but I did find it weird.

Edit: To add kindling to the fire a bit, but this time on my druid - was running through the maw, popped the invis pot item you buy from Ven’ari, couldn’t go into prowl for about 5-10 seconds after popping the item.

Noticing this today too. The first time I thought I misplayed then it happened a few more times for no apparent reason.

It only happens occasionally for me but when it does it’s super frustrating. Especially in PvP.

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Yeah it’s occasional. and it did just start happening, not with the hotfix a day or 2 ago, but i think with the one before that. I have addons that tell me if SD is up or if im in combat, and last time it happened, i looked hard AF to see if either were up and neither were. i ran around for a good 5 seconds before i could be allowed to stealth. And other times it lets me stealth the instant combat drops and SD isnt up like it should.

This has been happening too, but i cant tell if its because i auto attacked from stealth or not. I was walking up to someone and my guy just came right out of stealth. I dont believe it was an AoE or an auto attack. So maybe it’s 2 things regarding stealth that broke recently…


Nah, that’s pretty normal actually. Either you’re still in combat because of a bs bug or your dance is still up. If neither of those are happening, then it’s the usual 2 second cd. I play rogue every day of my life and I’ve never. Just not been able to stealth. May also just be your lag as well.

I have played a rogue since 2005, and can say with confidence stealth has remained broken since then (varying in degree patch by patch). Right now the most I notice it is in the Mists maze, where I get pulled out of stealth randomly when I enter a new sector.