Stealth ability doesn’t feel stealthy because of Spy

Iirc, your excuse last month for being level 39 over a week long period with a holiday weekend was something like, “I was busy with real life family stuff.” Fair enough.

But you also said in that post that you would be leveling over the week and that you’d be higher level in a few days.

That apparently didn’t happen either.

Now you are using a completely different excuse.

So, which one is it - your old excuse or your new one? I smell a level 60 priest troll who rolled a rogue alt to 39 and stopped and is claiming to be a “real rogue” for the purposes of your using that ostensible status as justification to give credence to your contrarian viewpoint.

And, I’m not looking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you edited or deleted that previous post where you used a completely different excuse for not leveling up than the excuse you are using now.

Uh what? Warlocks, humans and anything else with any level of stealth detection can find me just fine. I’m not here complaining about that am I? I’m saying the add-on that lets you brainlessly target any enemy player within range instantly, whether actually knowing they are there or not. It’s pretty busted. Call it immersion. Call it whatever you want. You shouldn’t know I’m there without seeing me. Can players macro a /target for certain players? Sure. This add-on takes it to a new level, though. This extends to other classes that can’t stealth as well. I’m caught by surprise all the time by players I don’t see, using TERRAIN to their advantage.

Wow, that is probably the greatest use of fallacious straw straw man argument that I have ever seen. Textbook example. You must have learned that one from Donald Trump.

I did not say any of those things. I’m merely asserting that a new addon that has come about during Classic which was not (or practically never) used during vanilla that breaks a core mechanic of a class should be modified to be more in line with the spirit of vanilla.

I played from the week of release
Did not make it on day 1 but

There have been others that came before.

Nah, you got me there, i was never very good with my rogue
it’s been level 19 for 15 years

I do play a druid, and being lower level, aside from running around healing people, stealthing and reporting and finding stealthed enemies is mostly what i do in WPVP, i dont use an addon for it, i have built in ability.
before the combat range limit, i would even run around spamming from prowl to shadowmeld to travel causing stealth reports for anyone using spy to appear all over willy nilly.
I’m an honorless kill, i die no biggie, come back and do it again, even get some other low level friends to join in the fun

  • It was used in Vanilla, which is the reason that I had it on my old hard drive backup. See one of my previous posts.
  • These types of addons and combat logs existed back then and exists now, both in Classic and in Retail.
  • Stop breaking Wow, strictly for Pvp issues. Wow is a MMORPG. Come up with a better solution.

Break things that I disagree with but leave Classic as intended.

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who the bloody heck are you talking about i never said that harmond drugs are bad mmk

I expect a quote from him as I had provided mine.

pfft you mean the joke that you took out of context? he won’t be able to quote it because i never said it.

Says the gnome with a freaking pink beard.

You got annoyed by me quoting a joke to poke at you?

Wait, can i have a cool class description?
I stealth, but can also see stealthed at the same time, so can literally
prowl around and tell enemy rogues positions with exact precision.

Can i be SupahSpy ?
I’d also like a cool theme song if possible?

Presumptuous to assume he was not talking about foundation. Check your dwarf privilege…

I’m unsure what you’re talking about. You corrected him on a common misspelling. Then you reply a month later with nothing?..

you can hear me stealth from 50 yards away? at the time of this post, 200 yards?

you could hear people stealth from 200 yards?


Oh no someone playing a rogue can’t gank :////// I am crying for you right now man your life is so hard

imagine being the most broken class in the game in pvp and having something against rogues lol

Shadowpriest is pretty strong. But pally healing is more broken imo.

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How can I be the most broken class if I’m not a rogue tho?

spriest is literally s-class god tier nearly unbeatable 1v1