Stay here, or re-roll somewhere else?

Hey everyone, I just recently came back from a long break. I rolled this rogue on ED, and it seems a bit dead? I was wondering is there any horde guilds that RP and PvP that are recruiting, or should I move on to WA? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’m honestly trying to find the same thing. I used to play here a ton pre BFA and it was an amazing Rp and PVP server. Now I’m back and not sure who to talk to on horde side to get back into it

Quickfuse Cartel, Desolate Conclave, Hellscream’s Angels


Tried /who a few times today on Hellscream’s Angels, no one online. I’ll look into the others, I want an active guild. Maybe I will just go alliance, seems there is more ally on the server. Also seems Quickfuse Cartel is goblin only from what I was told.

Blademasters of Durotar is a decent guild as well.

Shoot me a msg next time you see me on in game and Ill help ya out.

Every server is in a bit of a lull atm.

This was me btw, dont know why I was logged in to that account here…

TDC is undead centric but we let in all races. Inside all living there’s a spooky, scary skeleton yearing to not breathe free afterall.


All servers seem to have died down a bit, which is the typical lull before we start seeing datamine reports for the next expansion.

The bonus XP event is a great thing to tale advantage of IMO. Great opportunity for some solo play while levelling those alts you’ve ignored or to unlock that allied race heritage set.

I have seen a few folks organizing levelling groups, if you’re looking for more social outings.

I’d go to WA if you are looking for an active rp scene. ED may have few guilds here, a few guilds there. With a handful of rp interactions a week. But if you are looking for consistent rp WA is the place to be :smiley:. Gl with whatever you chose!

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