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It’s for this character right or for at least one on that realm? Transfer off Heartseeker, you can right now for free. I tested it.

Select your character
Click Shop at the bottom left
Select “Free Character Transfer”
Select “Buy now” (it’s free)
Pick your character and go from there.

You should just pick Benediction at this point as that’s the safest choice of the options.

I would not expect anything from WotLK but the servers we have and would not expect Heartseeker to get more populated at any point.

Overall your suggestions are interesting, but yes you can transfer now.

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Isn’t that what they did, besides making those people pay $25?

If you’re going to ruin all the servers you should atleast have to pay $25.

lol why? So Blizz gets their last drop of blood?


You should be required to pay to ruin the server your gonna xfer off of tbh

oh wow, thank you so much!!! I actually rerolled a mage on Grobbulus*spelling. But this was the answer I was seeking. Now I really like that server, I’m only lvl 10 but seems legit. But, my question is can I transfer more than one toon? Also how do you get the free transfer again? it isn’t clear, where do I do this at , you mean in the battlenet launcher? Thank you again. Also yes the ideas I described are different but I think they could for sure work here.

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Have you not been paying attention? They are already ruined.

LOL I mean I know your just a troll here most of the time like the rest of us, but come on man. This has been the topic of the week, since like, November if not earlier.


And how do you think they were ruined?

Blizzard allowed for uncontrolled transfers.
Blizzard implemented a system of ‘infinite’ layers.
Blizzard DID NOT implement Queues, to discourage transfers to form ‘mega realms’.

Blizzard did these things, to make a cheap, immoral, unethical, dollar, off of a playerbase they dont care about.


Grobbulus is a really good server and worth transferring to. You can transfer multiple characters for free. You just do the same thing that I described until all the characters you want to transfer are done. I think the only limitations are things like you can’t have active auctions or mail or be a guild/arena team leader.

The options I mentioned are in the game itself, when you change the realm to Heartseeker you just click on a character as if you were going to log in but you click Shop on the bottom left instead (Make sure to click Free Transfer button in the Shop. There’s a payment transfer too, don’t pick that one).

I’m glad there’s an existing option that works for you, you seem like a nice person.


You mean Blizzard acted like every other company??

Blizzard could of lifted the money on the xfers and allowed free xfers and the community would of still formed mega servers.

We would still be facing these same issues except it would be fine since it isn’t gated behind paying, which is odd cause basically all MMO games have paid xfers, but blizzard is bad for following suit.

ya know what is funny. I played horde during TBC and all the way up to CATA when I left the game. I was thinking of going horde, I sure miss my horde homies. I don’t know Alliance seem like snobs haha, always have since day one back in 2004. HAHA! Once in a while you will meet some cool folks but usually they have a wedge up in their salad. lol I started a new topic for hopefully the devs will see my ideas, I truly think that my ideas so far might make this all work out. not holding my breath but ya never know. I was looking at the horde side on grobb, I almost feel like my heart is with the horde lol, well I’m a pvp so there ya go but when I started back in 2004 I was alli, and those of you who said it depends on the guild, you are right 100 when it comes to what is going on, on a server usually a higher up guild will leave due to competition with another competing guild. This happened back in the day and the reason was to rise to the very top and also to recruit better players. Usually better players are on pvp servers because they know their character well, its no secret why my guild back in 2004 transfered off of Skullcrusher to Shattered hand. The best pvp players were on skull crusher as horde players , however I was a hunter and I learned my role very well. When I finally left that guild because they were impossible to keep happy, I went horde and this was before bc launched and the dumbest thing about it all is that my friends were the guild leaders in real life. haha. They paid for my transfer to a crappy server just to be at the top, it was just a waste of money because our warrior healer was our guild leader and the guy was just so annoying, he reminds me of Crispen Glover in real life, I mean looks and attitude in the movie “Rivers Edge”. If you haven’t seen that film it is free on TUBI. Its a great 80’s film but man our GL was taking it way to seriously to the point we all left him. I went to Twisting Nether. Stayed there all the way from before BC to up to Cata. My best toons were my priest and hunter. I think my priest got 50k kills early and my guild was like wtf. haha. I went disc and ran many teams, we tried so many combos, it was fun. but I always liked mage. Oh shooot, i’m so sorry I don’t mean to derail this thread, just ignore this post. :slight_smile:

Who cares? Does that make it right?

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That works too, don’t transfer your ally to Grobbulus then lol. You should probably just transfer your ally chars to Bene then in case you want to play them again in the future. We don’t know how long the free transfers will last.

I play both sides and enjoy seeing both sides of the game.

Don’t worry about the long post. I like reading those anyway.

What is the cost to blizzard to move your toon?

Is it free?

Does it cost them money?

All of these things matter.

can I play with you?

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Don’t play on Earthfury.

However, you can make a level 1 horde on Earthfury and send me a mail and I’ll get in touch with you. I have horde on Grobbulus too.

Literally free. It MAKES them money.

Learn to code.

how about this, you add me on battlenet I’m lilacsky #1855 that was when I was born. haha. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely laughable, that anyone would defend the company bought for 69 BILLION dollars.

The utter state someone must be in to get on their knees and just hand over MORE money to Blizzard.

The company is irrelevant because if this was any other game you would still be paying for a server transfer.

It’s the equivalent of going into a McDonald’s and throwing a tantrum because they’re charging you for a chicken sandwich even though you would have to pay for that chicken sandwich at any other fast food place.