Starting Undead Heritage?

Could someone confirm what i have to do pls?

Hey i’ve not played for a few expansions, I have a 51 undead, NOT exalted with undercity, i have done no prequests in bfa or shadowlands, or played shadowlands at all in fact.
I cant see calia (whoever she is?) in org to start & ive no clue where or how i’d get to oriboros (sp?)

But other than that… it’s going well!
thanks in advance.

Requirements are listed here for reference. I think this is the relevant part for you:

You must have completed the Return to Lordaeron questline from the Dragonflight Pre-Patch event on that character - If you have not, speak with Calia Menethil in Oribos or Orgrimmar to do the questline, starting with the quest Call to Lordaeron.

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