Starting 'Defense of Aviana' - can't find Thisalee

I’ve been trying to go through the Legion quests to get my Druid class hall mount. There are three quest chains to do and I completed the first one, Talon Terror, and got Thisalee Crow as a follower. The next chain is ‘Defense of Aviana’, which I should pick up from Thisalee in the Circle of Spirits in the Dreamgrove, but she isn’t there.

I’ve been walking the land trying to figure out how to start this next chain and everything says she should be there. I’ve checked back at the Shrine of Aviana and I do not begin the instance. Is there something I’m missing in order to start ‘Defense of Aviana’?

I’m going thru the same thing on my Drood as you are. I can’t even do Talon Terror to get Thisalee as my follower! I have no idea what I missed. She offers me nothing in Hyjal. I hope you have this all worked out by now for yourself. I sure don’t! lol Much luck to you Ysanni =)

7 months later and I’m right where you are.
Did Talon quest. Completed Breaching the Tomb, now stuck.

I’m sorry for being slow on the update here, but I did figure this out eventually. For anyone else who runs into this - I hadn’t completed the ‘Breaching the Tomb’ achievement. Once I did that, I was directed back from Broken Shore to Thisalee in the Dreamgrove.

If you have completed Breaching the Tomb though, I’m at a loss as that’s what triggered the quest for me.