Starting BfA after shadowlands pre-patch?

So I had this character at 14 before the shadowlands prepatch and missed out on starting the questline for BfA at lvl 10. I am now lvl44 and i just finished legion and im unable to get the quest that starts it. Can anyone help me out?

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I’m in a similar bind. I leveled to 50 in WoD and once I capped out I got the quest to go see Magni and got my Heart of Azeroth. But I don’t have the quests to start the BFA Storyline and Warfront. I can go through the portals to get to Boralus and got the only quest available was the resue Jaina quest line.

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If you have a friend with a level 10-12 that finishes up to the point where you can explore boralus before talking to Cyrus, you can level down to them and begin the quest yourself, but you have to get all the way through to the point of picking your zone before you stop level syncing. They have to do the walkthrough stormwind up to the point where Anduin sends you to talk to jaina and you go to boralus. They have to finish the tol-dagor mini story too. It finally worked for me on my priest

What an epic fail… this is so frustrating.


I think I found the solution (for horde tho) … Go to Orgrimmar, head to the Valley of Strength. Find Warchief’s Herald (he is next to the command board), talk to him and he will give you the starting quest for the horde campaign. You will go inside Grommash Hold and watch a cinematic and then continue from there!


YES this is the answer. After the completing the first part of the war campaign you will arrive at Zuldazar.


Correct ^^^ this worked for me thanks man!

Thank you for this. I pretty much skipped bfa… So decided to try this!

I am a level 60 going through BfA. I CANNOT turn in "An End to the Killing quest, Wyrnn’s not in Stormwind Keep. I know I am phased somehow but, can’t see figure out what to do. In have explored all the lands, I have The Strike on Zuldazar, to get the Ready For War Achieve. I know An End of the Killing is tied into The Strike on Zuldazar. I am 3/5 done with BfA Pathfinder Part 1, Ready For War and Diplomat is all I have left. Anyone else having the same issues?