Start Cataclysm (lvl 120)-Alliance

How do I start the Cataclysm quests as an Alliance level 120? I have done BFA and I am trying to get to the Cataclysm areas in order to level alchemy for a guild achievement. How do I get to the areas or start the questlIne?

I know originally it came from a heroes call quest, but it is not on the board for me.


I haven’t checked for a bit Alliance side, but I think it’s the same as horde where you need to do “The Eye of the Storm” quest from the shaman that’s near the Cataclysm portals. (It’s basically just a quest that shows a cutscene.) After that, you should be able to get the breadcrumbs to the various zones.

The shaman that gave you “The eye of the Storm” may have some (just be aware that “The Call of the World Shaman” that he offers isn’t for the zone questing, but for a cata end-game chain, so probably not the quest you want.) You can also check the hero’s call board and you should now see them. You might have to clear out some of the other breadcrumbs on the board. (Pick them up and then abandon them once you get to the ones you want.)

If you boosted the character, there should be portals to the various Cataclysm zones on the portal island in the northern area of Stormwind City.

If you want to actually do the quests, I believe the Mount Hyjal quest can be accepted from an NPC in the courtyard at Stormwind Keep (I might be wrong, I avoid the Cataclysm quests when possible, so it’s been a very long time since I last did them), and the king may have another. The one for Vash’jir I think you can find the starting NPC near the docks.

I found the portal, but I am unable to use it. The NPC and king do not have a quest, either. Which is the main problem, because I keep going back and forth between Stormwind and Mount Hyjal. It takes too long to fly from darkshore each time. I just want to do the quest until I can unlock those portals.

If you can see the portal, you should be able to use it. I’ve not had any issues with using those portals, even for characters (like my VE) who skipped the quests for those zones entirely, or whom I boosted.

I would recommend making sure that you have “low level quest” tracking turned on, and double checking the Hero’s Call board. If the breadcrumb for Mount Hyjal doesn’t appear there, you might want to put in a ticket and see if you can get a GM to troubleshoot the issue for you.

Ill just do every quest on the hero board until I get that one haha.