Starsurge OP? Okay then ... LF Advice on Fixing Boomkin

most items especially for cloth dont have stam on it.

outside of raid theres not a lot of options

so literally destroy the rune … okay … and how are they staying competitive in PVE afterwards given that 50% of their dmg comes from starsurge and they are still middle of the pack right now ?


players just hate druids.

get a break and its the end of the world.

nerf boomies until no one plays them, yah, that’s the ticket…

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It doesn’t crit anywhere near every single hit and 6 seconds is way more than enough time for every single other class to blow up boomkins with equally strong or stronger abilities on no CD… Or even basic attacks. Tell me why Paladins and warriors are hitting for 700+ basic attacks?

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the fact that its 50% of the entire class dmg is more than enough reason that it needs some kind of dial back…
not one class is more relying on a spell than druid
and that should not be a thing

Looks like the devs went with my idea of reducing the damage + SP coe and then adding an effect that makes a hard cast do more damage to compensate. They never mentioned that bug you talked about with the new rune, are you sure it’s bugged?

Congrats they took your idea.
Balance will be dead… they dont scale, they dont have gear, they wont raid unless your friends carry you.

Yep, boomkin is effectively dead now in PvE. They don’t have the mana pool to continuously cast starfire. Starfire doesn’t scale very well (or anything from boomie really) late game and the starsurge coefficient was the one hope that boomie might scale with gear later on.

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they baited druids to commit to 40 before doing it to up their playerbase imo.


< total 40 sucker who took time off work to hit cap early and made useless… they have done it to me every launch and they did it again.

shoulda saw it coming when they didnt even touch the bugged coeff

Let’s be honest here, if you rushed to 40 in the last 4 days you were setting yourself up for this Pie in the Face.

NEVER commit to a main until the first balance patches come out and logs from the first raid hit. That’s when the fattest nerfs are going to hit.

Alternatively, ignore the meta and go at your own pace.

thanks blizz for making my game less fun…

Lol, looks like they did a version of what I said. Take away some of your instant cast damage and put it in casted spells.

Bro i starsurged then 1.0s casted a root and backed up 3 steps and can 1.5k crit people with starfire now, learn to play, we are fine

Yeah, so you’re casting starfire on who exactly? Who is sitting in a root while you do a 2-3 second cast?

ah yes I just need to “learn to play” and then my starfire will magically gain +30% crit chance

of course


this “buff” is like a slap in the face, super funny it actually slaps your character in the face as well, that spell is absolute garbage lmao.

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Balance druids deserve it. Thanks for insta tagging/stealing mobs with your spells and insta cast kite in pvp and pve. Always a joke to see that playstyle

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nooo you can’t kite me you need to stand still and eat my melee hits!