Starsurge nerf to base damage is 35%. Please marry your statements

Please make this (Announcement):

Match with this (Sticky):

My feelings on how a double nerf was not necessary aside (a fix to scaling OR a fix to base would have worked alone), please correct this blue post to say the same thing instead of one indicating 30% and another (correctly) stating 35%.

And fix Eclipse knockback protection which currently provides 0% instead of 70% if you’re bothering to fix us, please go both ways.


Now we’re right back to Starsurge doing less damage than Wrath again and literally only being cast to give a buff to one (1) starfire cast

really wish blizz would make smaller incremental nerfs instead of just nerf-nuking things into oblivion


And remove the spell user starsurge effect, please. This is horrendous.


This. Hunters went through 6 or 7 nerfs because they were “incremental” instead of one massive nerf bat.

Instant cast spells with a short 6 second cooldown should never be doing more damage than hard casted spells


I totally agree. SW:D poorly thought out and rushed nerf when?

It should’ve been nerfed but in its current state people would rather cast wrath even if there wasn’t a cooldown

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Yes. Until that extra self starsurge effect is removed I am not playing my druid. It strobes and flashes and does something to my eyes. I hate the effect. My druid can stay in the inn forever.

It really is a straight up health hazard

this is false lol, why do you guys make this !#$% up when we all have warcraftlogs

here is a thought fix the layering problems. Lock the layer to a party leader when in group and when out of group let layer occur randomly. STV is unplayable and extremely frustrating building a group trying to get into the same layer, and then when even starts getting layer 20 times before event is over. I can’t even collect the items i need to purchase gear