Starfall question

I havent been playing Balance much at all. Been Resto most of SLs so far.
Starfall’s effect seems to literally move with me…is that the case once its been fired off and Im moving?

Yes. The range is grounded to your character’s position. It’s not like you cast SF, walk away, and stars fall in the circle where you first cast it.

This isn’t like Tyrande from Heroes of the Storm, it’s like Priestess of the Moon from WC3 except you can move.

Think of SF as a movable fountain of death.


Druid just keeps getting better and better, lol.

They’re wonderful and I can’t imagine maining another class. All the specs are fun in their own way.


I first mained rogue…once I figure out druid I swapped to balance for a long time. Recently changed to resto druid…its a blast solo…but the changes to balance are feeling really good.
Other classes are fun and all but druid just cant be beat as a package deal.

Literally same deal for me. Played sin rogue for a couple years, but now main Resto and frequently off-spec. Rogue just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

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Rogue was a blast when I was running dungeons and LFR at lot. The DPS output is seriously amazing at times. But it always felt like I needed a healer following me around running solo. When I changed over to druid its like the whole game opened up to me.