Standard Scope - where are they?

I’m new to the game and I’m trying to finish the ‘Lights Camera Action’ quest in Orgrimmnar that requires gathering 3 things. I have two (iron box, sash) but the third - a ‘Standard Scope’ I cannot find. My other characters have had ‘gathering’ quests, but have always been able to get the items they need pretty easily.

The ONLY place I have seen a Standard Scope is for sale on the Auctioneer. And the asking price for it was close to 600 gold coins. I’m barely 20th level and have 5 gold and some silver in change.

What is going on here? Where can I get one of these scopes to finish the quest at a price I can afford? (And if this is a crafted item - why the heck did Blizzard make that a REQUIREMENT for a quest? What if I don’t want that profession?) Why isn’t there a vendor who sells this level 10 item cheap?

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

Another option is see if anyone is nice enough to buy it for you. I would but we’re not on the same realm, so it doesn’t help at all.

From the comments on that thread though people are suggesting to do this:

The box of assorted part in Gnomeregan contains item with ilevel 30 or below, such as bronze tube(21), standard scope(22), or heavy blasting powder(25). The boxes from other zone only contain items with ilevel 15 or below.

These are a crafted item. There are a few other quests in the game that use crafted items like this. They all tend to have highly inflated prices - mainly because most players have max level mains for whom 600 gold is cheap. Which makes things difficult for new players like yourself.

Since the scope is created from a bronze tube and a moss agate, the best thing might be to get those two items and advertise in chat for an engineer to craft the scope for you.

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They are an Engineer crafted item so might try asking in General Chat if there is an Engineer willing to make it for you!

There’s no reason you have to do the quest right now. It’s just for a fun little item that lets you take silly screenshots. (It’s also account-wide, so you only have to do it on one character.) If you don’t want to worry about it right now, you can wait until you’re higher level and 600g doesn’t feel like that much. (Or perhaps you’ll level another character with engineering as a profession at some point.)

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Was completely stumped and thought I’d spend the 600G. Happily there was ONE in the auction house for 35G. Yay me!