Staggering Implications

So, I was thinking about the BFA Horde war campaign, and I remembered at a point both the PC and a Dark Ranger disguise themselves, successfully, as human children to probe Redridge Guardsmen about the possible whereabouts of the escaped Saurfang.

Now later it’s shown even regular ole dogs can see through this disguise. But the ability to disguise a Tauren as a juvenile human well enough that it tricks the naked eye is pretty concerning. Any high value target in SW could never trust an orphan boy begging in the street as that could easily be a disguised Laughing Skull death cult assassin who’s going to mutilate you before the guards bring him down.

I don’t really have a point here. I just think it’s kinda weird thats brought up once and never dwelled on again.

What are some other one off abilities or items used once then forgotten by the plot that have, as the title says, staggering implications?


The weird and inconsistent powers and limitations of teleportation is another one


The story in general is rife with inconsistencies. Malfurion’s power depicted in some of the novels is staggering vs. What it is depicted as in-game. Not to mention ones that are so left field like Draenei tech, Cyborgs (Mechagnomes), and Void rifts to name a few.

I’m kinda glad they don’t depict certain things beyond just quest or story necessity because it would be a Gong Show otherwise. (Not that it isn’t already, but you know what I mean.)

If we’re even talking alchemy alone, it’s always been depicted in such a vast way. Technically someone COULD even have a copy of Putress’ blight. A lil’ recipe card somewhere. I dunno why but it’s amusing to think it could be in some old Forsaken grandma’s pantry.


My favourite is the never again used Forsaken stealth making them Ghosts from Starcraft.


Generally speaking, this “rule of cool” has been the governing philosophy when it comes to Blizzard’s game/narrative design on WoW. This goes back to things in Classic, even - so it’s not really new; if it seems “cool”, then the “how does this rationally fit in the narrative” question gets tossed out the window.

Consistency and logic hasn’t seemed all too important to them if they believe it moves the plot/gameplay forward in an “interesting”* manner.

*entirely subjective.


So it’s technically possible that the Goldshire Children are Forsaken spies?


Seriously. It was weird in BFA when everybody’s making a fuss about naval power. But then entire armies get teleported in to Dazar’Alor to use the harbor as a staging ground.

It’s weird because the presence of honest to God skyships already make traditional naval power questionable. But if you can beam entire armies across the world through portals then any traditional means of projecting your force across the world have gone the way of the dodo.

Tbf in the BFA opener Jania is able to jam Thalyssra’s portal magic, and later in Shadow’s Rising she mentions porting in troops is pretty taxing and can only do so many.

So it has some vague limitations and can be countered but it still seems like traditional logistics like ships or flying machines would be a 2nd option. Or 3rd considering the Dark Iron can seemingly emerge anywhere with their digging machines, and the Goblins straight up have low orbit drop troops that come in from rockets.

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Stormwind is full of individuals specifically trained to see through stealth, illusions, etc… Any high value target in Stormwind likely has a couple of these present with them at most all times. Redridge was an easy target because its a backwater settlement that doesn’t even have a proper military installation adjacent to it.

Most of these situations have extenuating circumstances that can explain how or why they’re not regular occurrences.

I mean. I use to lounge there on my rogue and have continued the tradition on my new one. SW doesn’t do much for me as a hub but it’s a delightful place to lurk. Plenty of lonely tunnels and vacant rooms to surprise people in.

And I’m sure they’re all chock full of high profile targets?

I mean for me it’s pleasure not business. Every targets a high value target when you love your job.


A man whom can appreciate all he beholds without prejudice is a man to be admired and respected.


Gameplay=/=lore and at best gameplay should be used as an INTERPRETATION of lore. That maybe these guys are not as trained/let their guard down(pun intended). As anyone who has ever been strealth in an enemy capital knows guards can detect you. Heck, Anduin can detect you in the extraction scenario.

My point is the disguises can work but probably doesnt have as high degree of success as shown in game and that high value targets probably have defense against it(unless the plot calls for it like Stormwind’s throne room being invaded by demons, dragon, faceless ones)

Not sure if I’d call it an item, but the Vindicaar. Something that could have expedited the escape of those trapped in Teldrassil and used against the Horde in the following war totally ignored.

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Come to think of it they could’ve said the Horde got control of the Fel Hammer via the Belf Illidari working with the Sunreavers and RAS.

Then we could have a space battle. I haven’t had a good space naval battle experience since the original Star Wars Battlefront 2. Be fun to board the enemy ship and attack it from within while fighters dogfight outside.

I’ve no idea how you’d make that work in WoW and making it a regular ship battle would probably make more sense. But it’d certainly be cool.


That does sound fun. I would be all for something like that.


Not every guard can be a Suramar Guard.

“An Illusion! What are you hiding!?”

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Even tho Illidan simps for the leader of the Kaldorei and thus the fanatical order devoted to him would end up siding with them distantly over the blood elves. I mean, they’re not the Kaellthari.

Dream energy turning off blight and affecting Undead the same way their blight affects living people.