<SRC> [H] 9/9H AOTC: Recruiting Mage + 1 Ranged DPS

Are you looking for a new place to call home? If so, < SRC > may be just what you’re looking for! Our philosophy is Go Slow To Go Fast - Do It Right and Do It Better!

Realm: Tichondrius-NA - Horde

Updated: Jan 23, 2024 - Recruitment:

Raid Team: :japanese_goblin: Jesters Wednesday & Monday 6pm - 8:30pm Pacific
Requirement: ilvl 450 minimum
Current Progression: 9/9[H] AOTC Amirdrassil

  • Mage
  • +1 Ranged DPS w/ Offspec

Profile: >250 Members; Semi-Casual / Mid-Core - 2 days / week; S3 AOTC and as far you can get in Mythic while still being fun!

Discord Invite Code: da7JrvzYpz

  • Head to our Discord to Apply or pick Visitor to take a look around and see what we’re all about!


We were founded in 2009 on Malfurion-US with a semi-casual 2 day / week schedule and achieved Top 100-US 10-person Raid results.

After many years of being dormant we are back with a new team to re-build and do it even better with 10+ years of additional life experience!

We are a diverse group of players in experience, age and background. From former hardcore progression raiders, BC and beyond, to people experiencing WoW for the first time in Dragonflight.

We are an 18+ community and our Members are just as diverse as their play experience. What we have in common is the prioritization of great attitudes and collaboration to build a cohesive, active, social and laid back community of human beings to experience the game.

Our leaders are experienced with positive attitudes, developed leadership skills and commitment to the teams, guild and game. We prioritize coaching, mentoring and get reward from seeing the teams be successful.

What We Offer

  • Guild repairs for mains and alts
  • PvP & Raid Consumables: Flasks, Potions, Food, Runes, etc etc
  • Support to gear up and properly equip
  • An amazing Discord that is purposeful with custom bots and functionality to enable collaboration, socialization, fun and success in-game
  • Our Guild Tabard looks pretty cool!
  • Experienced and mature leadership with a coach and mentor approach
  • 18+, Inclusive No Hate Zone and LGBTQ+ safe zone – zero tolerance for ignorance


  • An inclusive, open minded and positive mental attitude toward the world and our fellow human beings
  • Excitement and desire to have fun and work as a team and self-awareness
  • Ability to improve and adapt and openness to constructive criticism and coaching / mentoring from leaders and other team members
  • Commitment and promptness to the Team event times
  • Communication skills and engagement + commitment with, and to, the guild and community
  • Presence and participation in Discord is non-negotiable
  • Knowledge of your class and spec
  • At least some previous Raid experience

If anything here resonates with you please head to our Discord for more information using invite code: da7JrvzYpz

BUMP - Open for Warrior, Rogue, DK, Shaman or Priest DPS and all Healers; preference for Priest, Shaman, Druid

Updated current needs for team OLP

Updated Recruitment Needs & Added a new Raid team

Bump; 1 open spot for a Rogue or Enh Shaman w/ Resto Offpsec

Bumping for active recruitment

Raid: Warrior or Enhancement Shaman w/ Resto Offspec

PvP: Healers - Monks priority followed by Disc Priest and Resto Druid

Bumping for active recruitment

Bumping for active recruitment

bumping for active recruitment - expanding roster

bumping for active recruitment; updated

  • Mage
  • Ret Paladin

adding 3 to complete roster for Mythic content