Sr ms/os > gdkp

i never flasked for naxx outside close progression.

you should be coming out of naxx with more gold than you entered with if you die less, don’t flask or pot and loot trash.

raidlogging can be gold-positive. I’ve done it.

only in retail it’s not.

BiS > ms > os should be the real loot order

People taking things because they are a current upgrade but which will be replaced immediately shouldn’t have the same weighting as someone who will keep that item for the entire phase.

“best” is not universally defined.

With stuff as is now though, bis lists are constantly changing and evolving, so its not really viable to make hard claims like “this is my bis” when some new meta might pop up the next week and make something else bis

Yeah if raids still BFD difficulty - the benefits of GDKPs and issues with other systems don’t really show.

It really starts to make a difference when the content gets harder and lots of consumes are required.

You are talking about Era naxx or wotlk naxx? The WOTLK version about same tuning as era one but you have 20 more levels and way stronger gear.

Era naxx - people flask to this day, people consume on CD, and raids use WB still. Even in full bis it can fall apart without WB.

I’d love to see logs of a naxx without consumes in which it was cleared in under 4 hours (even with full bis players). Heck show me a raid of non-full bis players clearning naxx without consumes in under 5 hours and I’ll be very impressed.

Because of this, you did it to yourselves:

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I’m sure you’re right that the AH sees a lot of bought gold.

Perhaps if enough people advocate for closing the AH, Blizz will listen to them.

Classic content was never hard, people trivialized it regularly. Thats part of why people enjoy it. Raiding is the casual content, pvp is the sweaty content.

Thats because people are obsessed with parsing. Thats not representative of the difficulty of the content, but rather the gotta go fast nature of the modern gamer

Name calling is inappropriate.

Please, let us keep the forums civil.

No, there are fights that are DPS checks.

Again, show me any logs of a naxx in which people don’t use consumes / WB that gets completed in under 4 or 5 hours and I’ll be very impressed.

There’s no need for hypotheticals here - there are people running naxx all the time pre-tbc and still do on Era to this day. I only ask for 1 log of no flasks, consumes, wb that cleared the content.

How many BoP’s you buying off the auction house?

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It isn’t, though.

Yeah “farming.”

Visa has some nice farland in the midwest I hear.

Rolling is built into chat. Then you can use a notepad or a piece of paper and a pen to record who gets what.

It’s not hard.

It’s easier than GDKP is. You can’t possible argue otherwise and keep a straight face.

I love when people bring up the benefits of SR runs, because I can directly call on my past years of experience with doing multiple SR runs per week over my various characters.

Here is a preview of what you can expect once the raids get larger in size (20/40man) and longer in duration:

  • You’re in a raid with 8 bosses, you need an item from many bosses but you SR a drop from boss 2
  • You kill boss 2, your item does not drop
  • You check the SR list to find that every other item you do need on future bosses is SRd by other people
  • You realise that you will now get zero reward for finishing this raid
  • Bonus: the group is not very strong and you are wiping on boss 3
  • Oops! Looks like you have a power outage!

repeat for multiple people at various points throughout the raid.

In addition, once you’re geared and only missing a few items for full bis, you will now get to attend the run, SR the one thing you need, only to find out that multiple fresh dinged characters are in the same raid as you.
Thanks to the wonders of inspect and logs, they can see what you need and and what you don’t need and just SR exactly the same items as you. They then, of course, win the roll on these items as well as hoovering up all the other drops.

SR working perfectly as intended, perfect for terribly geared fresh characters, horrible for geared/experienced characters.

What does this mean? The quality of SR raids is usually very low, they are full of freshies and geared characters avoid them, historically they prefer GDKP, but now they will have to join/create hard res runs or come up with some other solution to avoid being repeatedly trolled.

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Fixed it for ya.

i have a very large sample size over multiple phases of classic/tbc/wotlk, but yeah sure, dismiss the entire post.

We can, you just can’t use banned systems :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well if the mount drops and you are crazy you can get it. Plus if nothing you need drops you can always get a bit of gold, except when the lead decides to take the gold and run,

Don’t worry we dismiss your posts immediately.

RMT has existed way before GDKP.

in vanilla I was whispered constantly about buying gold. People used to hack accounts and spam on them. Comments like yours are so frustrating to read because you have to completely ignore wows history in order for them to make sense.

RMT isn’t going to go anywhere with GDKP gone. Why do you think it will?

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