Squishy why

Love to know why Hunters have been made so squishy, almost hard to survive some of the standard mechanics that don’t trouble other classes. Reason I quit in Legion when Shammies were made squishy.


they aren’t squishy hunter has plenty of great defensives as well as an insanely big hp pool. You just need to learn to press your defensives better.

As BM: Are you using a tenacity pet? There’s a significant difference in feel without one.

As MM (and BM): it’s just about knowing when damage is going to hit. Your defensives only work if used before the damage. You get access to fort!

I don’t know nothing about surv :dracthyr_heart:

They are very squishy in PVP
in pve however only marksman might be considered squishy because they can’t use the leech pet or tenacity passive due to forced lone wolf design. bm and survival are fine. Just a matter of using your defensives better OP

Fair I always assume PvE as I don’t engage with PvP so I am unsure of hunter there. Looks like it’s getting some defensive love in pvp with the coming reset.

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Tbh the only one that matters is the exhil buff, 40% to 50% DR in pvp wont change much i think. It could be very nice if they ever decide to make the longer duration shorter CD choice node better though, and depending on meta may be taken even still