Squishy Brewmaster

I’m sitting at ilvl ~350 and have successfully tanked m0 Neltharius, Ruby, Nokhud, and Ulda. I’m loving our rotation, and extra offensive/defensive capabilities, but I gotta say I feel like my life is constantly sitting around 50%.

I’m always eyeing celestial brew, and using expel harm, dampen magic, dampen harm, and healing elixir on rotational cool down (mixed into my regular rotation).

I’m not saying the class is unplayable, but it feels very yoyo-ish, almost like a BDK. I’m running the generic m+ build from wowhead at the moment.

Anyone have any tips/comments/advice?

All I can say is that everything I read said not to play brew because it’s too squishy, and Blizz seems to be done with tuning until after the race to world first is over. I’m doing it anyway because I just like it.

It seems like the recommended talent trees I’ve seen skip some survivability nodes for dps ones. Feels bad to lose half your dps but that kind of feels like the only way to become acceptably tanky.

You been reading bad stuff then, brew is still really good because it does really good damage. Only time you wouldn’t want a brew is the top 1% or lower of content where the tank will need to be super tanky to get through the content.

Brew is top dmg in tank pool. but they are very squishy. we dont have enough self healing and we have the smallest health pool of all the tanks. they are not in a great spot for high keys or high raids at this time.

You didn’t read my second half

my bad misread that.

Im 362. Ive tanked all the m0s.
Def not yo-yoing like that, though there are some meh situations.

However, i’ve seen a warrior solo tank a giant pack in M0 and lose zero health while doing 85k dps… I can pull off 100k dps on some giant aoe pulls, but i’d die if i didn’t kite.

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