Spyragos problem

I’ve done all the quest and prerequisites to get this pet. I completed a small quest when I was first doing the Waking Shores that involved getting to interact with Dealer Vexil to buy a drink. But now no matter what I do this npc won’t interact. I had no clue when I did the quest chain I should have gotten the drink then. Anybody else with this issue? I would love a solution for this if you have one. Thanks.

You have to make another Restored Obsidian Key through the Allegiance to One farm. Join a quest group to farm key fragments and framing from the nearby mobs, then turn it in to Igys the Believer.

Your post reminded me I wanted Spyragos so gave it a try. You gotta work for this pet.
Whole bunch of prereqs and traveling all over Waking Shores to do.

I hadn’t had any prior contact with Vexil and when I finally got to him was able to buy the drink no problem. There was a side questline needed, 4 quests starting with Ingot and his Punching Up quest. Wondering if you did this one.

Yes I have done all the quest needed. And I have all the other drinks. Is Igys the Believer the same little guy you get the initial quests from? I made a key and went to him because I saw a post similar to to this. He didn’t have an option to turn it in. Do you have to be in the group to do this?

Once you do the ‘Allegiance to One’ WQ, where you pick between Sabellian & Wrathion, Igys will be toward the east, past the lava pools and kind of on the way toward the Worldbreaker area, for the turn-in of the keys. It’s a random chance to get the item you need to interact with the Worldbreakers & Dealer Vexil, so it may take a few Restored Obsidian Keys to get one.

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What you’re looking for is a Worldbreaker Membership to calm down the hostiles in the cave with Vexil so he’ll sell to you. This might drop from the Twilight Cache that Igys might give you when you turn in a key. Wowhead suggests a 40% chance for the Cache and another 40% chance for the Membership.

Not sure if this is another example of Blizzard humor but there’s another way to get the Membership. You can buy it from Vexil if you can interact with him.

I tried yesterday to turn in a restore key too Igys and he wouldn’t even talk to me he was orange texted to me…

Okay! Thank you all so much! I was going to the wrong Igys! I starting searching closer to the Dragon Keep area and there he was with a blue? above his/her head. Had to turn in 2 Restored Obsidian Key and got the Worldbreaker Membership {it looks like a letter}. It came out of a chest Igys the Believer awards for the key. Hope this all helps the next poor soul that gets stuck like I did. You guys are great! Thanks again for your time.