Spring and Vanity - NAME FOR GRABS

Hi henlo, I can’t post on the actual character to prove I have the names for some reason, but I do have them! I’m trying to lower the characters I have on my account by deleting some names, but want to make sure they go to good homes.

So, they’re just Vanity and Spring with no alt codes. Also, they are level 1 - so meets the criteria to free automatically once deleted (already been tested, so no need to worry)!

I also have Fall with no alt codes, but I’m not 100% sure if DKs fall under any criteria for names, since they start at level 55. I’ll test it later and update this. :heart:

Not sure if I’m allowed to post discord, but I’m gonna!!
Overlord#9151 - please add me here if interested.
I tried your trade chat but things seemed a little dead; not sure when your peak hour is.