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Ignore this post…

Edit: Nevermind, I came on too hard anyway.

  1. Saurfang did not plan “The Genocide of the NEs”. The Plan he designed specifically required that the NEs survive as a people, including their leadership, in order to pressure on Anduin. He also actively tried to stop the bombardment of Teld.
  2. Shadows Rising never suggested he got a happy afterlife. Bwon outright admitted to Zekhan later in the story that Saurfang did get trapped in the Maw.

EDIT: And as Sarm said, its OK that Blizz be needlessly cruel and “hate on” other groups of players, just not the NEs? Nothing more thematic than destroying the soul of the man who argued that the Horde has Worth and the capacity to attain the Honor he believed his generation was never worthy of; at the hands of the Woman who argued we’re worthless. Turning him into tool no less.

Hm? I just think it would’ve been very awful if he actually got his happy afterlife while the victims of his war got obliteration and torture in the maw. That’s all. I’m not in support of the whole “Souls getting obliterated in the maw” storyline in the first place.

He did plan the war and lead it though, and he put Sylvanas in the position to do what she did. And just for the record, this is not the first time he was active in a genocide.
I wouldn’t advocate for him ending up in the maw if all of his victims didn’t end up there.
Ashenvale’s civilians were also killed before Sylvanas arrived.

I’m also not sure if Saurfang should be the one good character the Horde represents, I’d prefer Vol’jin or Thrall over him by a large margin, and I’m saying that as someone who used to play Horde in the past, but maybe we have different views here.

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Typical Elesana…

:point_up: Speculating with nothing to back up a claim.

:point_up: And spreading misinformation

Such edge.

Much angst.



I celebrated that he didn’t get a better fate than those innocents that died (or died partly) because of him. Those Night Elf civilians he killed and those soldiers that died in the fourth war.
You know… their souls were also tortured and obliterated…

But can you understand why I’d not want him to get a peaceful afterlife while those that died because of him were screaming in agony in the maw and getting obliterated?

Well anyway I’m not in the mood for more needless arguments, I just thought it was really unfair if he got away with a happy afterlife and his victims got torture and eventually obliteration.

You’ve already put the post out there Ethel now everyone knows your thoughts on this.


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Right, and he didn’t. We knew he didn’t in fact. Bwon straight up told Zekhan in Shadows Rising that Saurfang went to the Maw; so we knew he was being tortured. And even if he was a contentious character by the end, it is curious that Blizz decided to destroy the soul of the guy “You Horde players can’t even be allowed to save one Horde soul, and the guy who died believing you had both worth AND the capacity to one day embody the Honor he realized he was never worthy of.” They even turned him into a usable tool, like they did the Horde in BfA. :smiley:

HAHAHA! you say this after making an inflammatory thread just to try and gloat about an assumption you have.

That’s rich.

Edit: and now you’ve deleted your gloat speculation post. :rofl:


NE comment on the forum and the way they what to kill everyone just prove that we did right. We kill them before they tried to kill everyone in order to restore their old empire.

The horde are actually the world héro.

Oh, first post was removed. Nevermind, I’ll back off now.

Im a Sylvanas stan, and yet I didn’t want Saurfang to be punished in the Maw. Ethel you’ve become as vindictive as the person you hate… and even she wasn’t vindictive enough to let him rot in the Maw.